Coffee Shop Owner’s New Pricing Policy Goes Viral For Teaching Manners To Rude Customers

As if you have worked a customer service job, you may have to face many challenges from rude or ungrateful customers. You must serve those customers also with a smile, whether you are a sales associate, restaurant waitress or coffee shop barista.

There are some business owners in Roanoke, Virginia who make effort to help kindness and courtesy re-enter business and business interactions.

A Simple Encouragement In Kindness

Many customer service workers say that manners of customers being served have been diminished throughout the years. There are some customers who are rude towards not only the bottom –level employees but also the managers and even business owners. In order to instill respect in employees there is a notion that “the customer is always right,” but it has lead to customer entitlement and unkind behavior. When they ordered a large non-fat dairy-free latte with pumpkin spice syrup, things like common courtesy, please, thank you, and other appropriate manners like “hi, how are you?” are thrown completely out the window.

After these unwanted results, a Roanoke, Virginia businessman decide to set some manners higher on the priority list for his business by setting a strategy on how customers would address cashiers and servers. He displayed a sign in front of his business that explained the price of coffee as $5 and if there are proper manners it could actually bring that steep price down. If a customer were to rudely order just a “small coffee” then they would pay $5; if they were to order a “small coffee, please,” then the price would reduce to $3.

In order to encourage niceness and good manners, the owner’s new pricing sign was designed. A simple “please” would save someone $2, and if they were to say, “Hello. One small coffee, please,” then the price would drop to an attractive $1.75, saving a whopping $3.25. The manager wanted to make simple politeness more desirable by offering substantial discounts for those who were able to use the best manners but not to aggravate customers.

What Happened?

The manager got wildly successful and then customers who used their manners properly received the discounted coffee and gave all the baristas an easy time on their job.

The manager didn’t ever think that this will go viral on social media and bring him a raging success. The customers coming to his shop was impacted and other customer service workers became the topic of much conversation and social discussion


The owner admitted that he had decided to make an attempt at resolving world injustice by starting with small things, like reducing rudeness by encouraging people to be courteous when he was asked about his courtesy strategy. He’ll also attempt more heroic tasks in the future.

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