Chuando Tan Is Actually 52, But Thanks To His Diet, He Has A Great Looks  Of 22

Everyone wants to be young, but only a few are achieving it. Like the rising of the sun, aging is an inevitable thing. But, there are some people who achieve the marvelous feat of looking younger than their actual age.

We try many things to keep looking younger. But, many methods turn to be ineffective.

The accumulation of toxins in our body due to our lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits makes us aging soon.

Chuando Tan, a 52-year-old man successfully won this race of aging and the world was taken aback by the appearance of him.

Here, we’re discussing who Chuando Tan is and how he achieved this race of aging.

Heartthrob at 52

Even after having lived over half a century, Chuando Tan is truly a heartthrob for many. His food habits and certain other things that he is doing dedicatedly is the secret of his appearance.

Popstar and Photographer

Not only the appearance, but he is also very talented in other things too. Chuando had actively pursued a career as a pop singer for a quite while after starting in the 1980s. He also had a knack for photography and was passionately indulged in the act.

Pre- 1980 model

Chuando was a working model before making a shift toward singing and photography.

Going Viral

As a photographer, he posts portraits of other models on a regular basis. And suddenly he posted a picture of himself and the internet went crazy about him.  People thought that his appearance was due to the environment he lives in or because of some surgery and stuff. But no one assumed that it could be due to the food he takes.

Chuando’s food habits

Chuando’s biggest secret behind his stunning looks is eating healthy. He takes 6 eggs and he drinks milk along with avocados every day for breakfast. During the rest of the day, a large chunk of his diet consists of chicken meat. Chuando ensures proper sleep for himself and keeps himself adequately hydrated in order to complement his eating habit. He doesn’t drink any kind of alcohol or substance abuse.

Regular work-out

Eating healthy is not enough; you need other healthy habits to go with that. One of these habits is regular exercise. Chuando works-out for about an hour and a half, at least 3-4 times a week. He also regularly goes for swimming sessions.

Skin Care

Chuando has taken care of his physique and also his skin. As he has pretty sensitive skin he has to use different effective moisturizing agents. He also takes his dinner early on time.

If you can have a proper lifestyle, it makes wonders on your appearance.

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