Chimera Cat Gains Online Fame Thanks to Its Perfectly-Split Face

Next, to dogs, cats are the men’s best friend. Cats are one of the best and cute creatures on this planet. They look cute and so adorable and they are born as if to be adored and worshipped. But if we call the Quimera a loveable, it is an understatement.

Chimera is an angel and hails from Argentina. This cat has a bizarre look that is taking the entire internet by storm, unlike the other cats. Because of this feline creature’s unusual features, everyone is falling in love with it.

This cat has the so-called Genetic chimera and this is a rate but natural occurrence which an individual made up of cells from two different original eggs. The cells form a single organism that has a DNA of two different entities fused together.

Quimera is still deemed a mosaic despite its strange features. The latter is very much common in felines and it refers to an individual egg that has different active genetic expression in cells. A DNA testing would be needed to uncover the truth.

Without a word, this cat is stunning. The cats color split starts from the top of its head to its front legs with each side reserved.

Here are the Quimera’s gorgeous features and see how it rolls.

  1. Meet Quimera, a cat whose features are making the internet people crazy.

  1. Her blue eyes look like precious stones.

  1. They contrast each other perfectly.

  1. Quimera is most likely a Genetic chimera.

  1. Its unique features make it all the more adorable.

  1. Interestingly, this cat has a huge following on Instagram!

  1. It gets updated regularly, featuring her everyday kitty life.

  1. He sure is lucky to have a cat like Quimera.

We know that you surely love this creature if you love this follow it on Instagram. And share your comments with us if you love this creature.

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