Chihuahua Sleeps On A Big Stuffed Toy To Remember His Friend Who Is No Longer Here

It is well known to all that animals, like human beings, are capable of feeling and expressing their emotions in a very similar way to us, they can feel joy or sadness when something happens in their day to day.

There are some scientific studies that show us that these animals, such as dogs or cats, which represent some kind of “companion animals”, regularly feel the loss of a loved one, especially when it comes to their companion and friend. faithful, so we see how they go through a process of mourning or mourning for some time.

We were able to demonstrate this case after seeing the tender gesture of this Chihuahua, who showed how much he misses his friend and dog companion, after he passed away, since every afternoon as usual he lies on a stuffed animal very similar to his former friend, generating a lot of nostalgia among netizens.

“ Animals definitely show us once again that their feelings and emotions are as valid and important as that of any human being”; “Poor puppy, you can see the sadness he is going through at the moment.” These were some of the comments that could be seen on social networks.

According to the publication, the puppy named Tiny Tim became good friends with Big Ben, a Great Pyrenees, after he joined his family in 2016. His owner, Jenny Leech commented that “Several times a day he left the room to the living room and find Tim sound asleep on top of Ben.

Although the races were totally different, both managed to form a beautiful and tender friendship, since they both used to spend all day together, playing and filling every corner of the house with joy, all this during the six years that Ben was with them at home.

“ In the early years, when they both had a lot more energy and agility, they would fall asleep on the couch and Tim would lie right on top of it.” Jenny commented.

Of course over the years Ben began to have mobility problems, so Tiny began to give him his space, but without straying too far.

“ Instead of his usual antics like climbing on and falling asleep on Ben, Tim was much more gentle and nurturing and learned to be content napping or sitting next to him.” Jenny commented.

Unfortunately in 2022, the great Ben suffered a stroke, something that was affecting the canine more and more, dying at the age of 13. What Jenny never expected was that a user, upon seeing her publication, would send her a nice detail right to her doorstep, it was a huge stuffed animal similar to her old friend.

“ She sent him this huge stuffed dog and the instant I placed it on the couch Tim claimed it as his own. He honestly felt like the old days, like when we’d go out into the living room and Tim was on top of Ben on the couch. It was almost exactly the same position that Tim used to lay on top of Ben.” Jenny commented.

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