Man Asks For Your Help For 101K Wishes As He Had To Cancel His 101st Birthday Party Due To Corona

Owen is 100-year-old and has been self-isolating. He turns to the internet to make his upcoming birthday special.

Lot of things has come to standstill because of the Coronavirus outbreak including the Olympics. But it cannot stop this elderly man from making his 101st birthday a memorable one. Owen, who is 100-year-old has been self-isolating as a precautionary measure in light of the pandemic. Entire countries have led to the lockdown to stop the spread of the disease due to the deadly virus. The most susceptible to it is the people over the age of 60 and others with pre-existing medical conditions. His celebration of milestone achievement of turning 101 years old has been canceled. Owen tries to celebrate it in his own way.

The Executive Director of the Patriotic Vision Organization and a Permanent Representative at the United Nations, Mohmad Safa uploaded a photo on Twitter earlier this week. It was a picture of an old man holding up a board with a very heartwarming request. “Hello, I am Owen. I am turning 101 on March 31st. My party was canceled because of social distancing. Help me celebrate by getting 101k likes/comments.” Safa also tweeted: His 101st birthday party was canceled because of the impact of the Coronavirus. Please share and comment to help us make his upcoming birthday special. Please leave him a message here. He added: Take 60 seconds and do it for Owen! 

The post currently has 153,000 likes, 34,700 replies, and 21,200 retweets with a few more days left for Owen’s birthday. Many people around the world left Owen a loving message and wished him a happy birthday. Owen still managed to have an eventful birthday from the safety of his home even though his party was canceled. Fox News reported that the White House had announced on March 16 that all in-person events of 10 people or more should be canceled such as birthday parties and weddings.

Mike Roberts-Miller a Twitter user tweeted“You’re looking amazing Owen-I’m really sorry about your Birthday party being canceled Sir, but hope you can be treated when this thing calms down. Meanwhile, we’ll share+then other’s too will share+hopefully get you to 101k likes. I’m sure your 102nd party will be special.” Oi g Lemon also wished Owen in Chinese, saying”Happy birthday Owen ! 褔如東海 壽比南生 (Birthday blessing in Chinese words, “wish you are healthy & fortunate”) A special birthday party never confines in a place. We now have the opportunity to celebrate with you because of Twitter. Love from Hong Kong bunny.”

Mike Graham added on twitter, “Mr. Owen…It’s Mike Graham in South Alabama. I just wanted to take a minute to wish you a VERY Happy 101st Birthday. Even if your party was canceled sir, there are hundreds of thousands of people across Twitter that now knows your name and we’re praying for you, for many more!”

It is very important all the people practice social distancing since there might be a surge in the COVID-19 cases in the US even though elders like Owen are forced to forgo life-events like their 101st birthday. Alan Morgan, CEO of the National Rural Health Association, a non-profit that provides leadership for rural health matters told USA Today “This is the worst possible situation. Rural America is older, sicker and poorer. Now combine that with 2,000 rural hospitals where 1,300 have 25 or fewer beds, half of which have just one ventilator on site. Our system was designed for efficiency, not surge capacity.”

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