Brave 2 – year – old diagnosed with rare stage three ovarian cancer – help us send all of our prayers

There will be an end to the scourge we know as cancer one day. But, until that day we need to fight with it and find cure to save our future generations.

We should support and stand with the ones who are affected by this terrible disease. When we are together we can win any impossible thing.

Cancer is a nightmare for the people who are affected by it and also for their families and friends. If you want to see how cruel and merciless that is, just see this tow-year-old McKenna Shea Xydias.

McKenna’s parents, Michael and Megan started to worry when they noticed a bulge on her stomach. A pediatrician told the couple that this was simply a result of constipation.

They were given fresh cause for concern when McKenna’s school called one day. Michael and Megan were told that their daughter’s temperature was 103 and her stomach was swelling at an alarming rate by the school’s nurse.

They immediately went for medical advice and they said that there’s only a little cause of concern, and she would be okay when she’d passed the necessary gas.

But, the parents wanted a further assessment. They went to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta of Scottish Rite Hospital and she was given an ultrasound. The parents were given some truly shattering news after the ultrasound. It was said that there was a malignant mass growing on McKenna’s ovaries.

Michael and Megan were devastated with this news.

Even though her case is extremely rare, the accompanying symptoms had presented themselves before it was too late to act. With the proceeds going exactly to plan, she was taken into surgery to remove the mass.

She is still at the hospital and hope she’ll be able to come back home in the next weeks.

We must be together to help people fight their battles when cancer rears it’s the ugly head. She is very small to bear up this entire burden on her shoulders, but she fight with it, so all we can do is to send our prayer to her.

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