Boy With Autism Writes Poem For Homework. His Teacher Is At A Loss For Words

Written words have more power to move us as individuals. Especially, when it comes to poetry, it easily brings tears to our eyes. Even though words can express our emotions, poems do it perfectly as if it is directed at us personally.

If you are familiar with poetry, you may already know that poems can make you cry or laugh. Some poems do it very easily and some need a little bit though to move us on that direction. This is a poem that can move us and it also comes with a surprise. It’s not a poem written by a famous poet, it was written by a boy with autism.

Benjamin Giroux, 10 years old is the student who composed this poem. His teacher had asked him to write a poem for homework. He has not just put down some words that rhyme, he wrote down his feelings as he wanted others to know what it was like to live with autism. Just read the poem and you won’t believe the results.

Benjamin felt different like many autistic children and sometimes he felt as if he stood out from the other kids in his class. The poem was entitled as “I Am” and you’ll also tell that he is a special boy. This poem was posted online and it has gone viral. The National Autism Association also shared this poem in order to appreciate it by everyone.

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