Bowie Is Simply The Coolest Cat

In 2018, this cute kitty was abandoned in Spain. But, he was rescued by a veterinarian’s office. Maria Lloret adopted the little kitty as Maria fell in love with him at first sight as it was really cute. Then the kitty was named as Bowie because of his unique and beautiful eyes with many colors.

Bowie has a lively and spirited personality. He loves to play and also her turns on the charm when Maria brigs the camera to take photos. When Maria started sharing this little, cute kitty’s photos in late 2018, and all the cat lover fell for him.

They lived in Alicante, Spain. Maria also didn’t forget to take Bowie on adventures when he was a good boy.

A dedicated blog was created by Maria in Spanish and with English translation in order to share funny photos and videos of Bowie.

She hopes to spread happiness around with the stories of this little kitty. She also hopes those stories inspire other to ‘adopt don’t shop’ as a supporter of animal adoption.

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