Baby Hates Peas So Much She Said Her First Words

A child’s first words are something very special for the parents and the words come so unexpectedly. “Momma” or “dada” are the usual words that come from babies, but sometimes they even can surprise you.

There are so much of babies’ videos on the internet, but this video on Youtube got more attraction due to a hilarious reason.

Two of the parents were feeding their small child, and it’s a big job with a big mess and a lot of funny faces. The parents got a little more than they bargained for though.

Mom scoops the smushed peas into the baby’s mouth and she doesn’t need them at all. She turns and twists, looking like she’s about to cry.

Momma persists that peas are good for you. She choo-choo-choos the spoon in for another mouthful and gets much the same reaction.

The dad is laughing in the background while the baby wasn’t happy.

Waving away another spoonful she slaps the table and says “I done” or at least makes sounds that sound a lot like it.

Mom and dad were astounded and for sure they are over the moon, and they caught it all on tape.

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