Award Winning Animator’s Short Film ‘Happiness’ Is Absolutely Brilliant

The Award Winning Animator Steve Cutts hit the nail on the head about our crazy society once again. But this time with his newly released short film, “happiness.”

Gavin Nascimento, a political analyst, philosopher, and life coach has written up of a personal analysis on the video:

The video starts with a proverbial Rat Race. They rodents represent the human beings and their society illustrates of our own.

The rats are crowded in the train station in uncomfortable numbers to embark on their destination to “NOWHERE.” This is truly what has happened to most people in life.

In this rat’s society, it seems to be countless billboards and advertisements which sell happiness. Manipulate people’s associative memory and emotions is the marketing strategy behind this and they will be things that they even don’t need to find happiness.

In different parts of the film, a can of Soma is being advertised. Soma is a drug used by the ruling class to distract and pacify masses according to the Aldous Huxley’s award-winning novelBrave New World.

In the film, one particular rat is followed who is really in need of happiness.

In order to  pursuit of happiness he buys stuff he doesn’t really need, attends black Friday, buys himself a new sports car, turns to alcohol, and then eventually pharmaceutical drugs. This is really what modern day human does.

Even though he couldn’t find happiness, he still refuses to give up and starts to chase a $100 bill.

He falls for the Money Trap, which has turned him into an unsuspecting victim of the Rat Race before even realizing what has actually taken place. He was so blindly focused on getting the money like everyone else does.


“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”

Edward Bernays aka “The Father of Public Relations”

Sadly, our backward society uses the world’s best psychologists to exploit our precious minds through advertising and marketing. The current education system is too busy teaching us how to do math equations and other theories that we will never have to even use instead of educating us on how we might defend ourselves from these insidious influences that we will obviously face at some point in our lives.

There are different methods which corporations use to manipulate our minds. They all know that we’re not truly happy within and they try finding ways to exploit it. As people are not happy with their lives, it has become the root cause of many problems we face today in our society. Even though they know deep down they aren’t happy, they pretend, they lie to themselves, they distract themselves, and they bullshit themselves for years and years, sometimes decades, and sometimes even an entire lifetime.

We just have to only focus about being happy, content and self-confidence. But sadly, the education system does not focus on this and because of that, even the education has become a bunch of bullshit.  It’s merely a prepping facility to get us ready for the proverbial Rat Race. And it is being discontent and unhappy as the main prerequisite for running the Rat Race. People don’t buy crap they do not need, unless they feel empty inside. You cannot exploit a mentally strong human being. As the economy is actually built on consumerism, self confidence is bad for this economy.

In this society we are being conditioned from a young age to replace our enthusiastic imaginations with blind conformity to authority. As we should be obedience to the status quo and what we are told we should and shouldn’t do, we are indoctrinated to surrender our curiosity and self belief in pursuing the impossible. We are also instructed to follow the intelligence of the crowd, instead of the intelligence of the heart. Basically, we are conditioned to sacrifice our happiness to serve this exploitive system.

We learn that buying things doesn’t bring us happiness as we try to navigate our way through this society. We also realize that drinking alcohol, or taking pharmaceutical pills is not the answer. Even though we search it many times, many of us never find it, because we are drowning in a world of manipulation and skullduggery. Some people even commit suicide with desperation to escape from the pain.

As my readers know, I come from a background of alcoholism, addiction, depression, anxiety and even contended with suicide in my mind. I have experienced great sadness and unhappiness in my life, but more importantly, I have experienced the journey of finding happiness and purpose.

First of all we need to realize that we live in a society that wants to actually keep us ignorant, weak and easy to manipulate and control.

You’ll be easy to defend yourself intelligently once you become aware of this ill intent.

You have to stop watching their programming through network television. Instead of that start watching documentaries that are going to educate and empower you. Start listening to motivational speakers that have overcome adversity and stop listening to their radio broadcasts. You can also and start investing in your health by consuming organic based products without eating their bullshit foods. Stop hanging around people who are unthinking zombies that only indulge in gossip, ignorance and other forms of stupidity, and spend time with people who actually want to grow more, learn more, and see you grow and learn too. Start drinking non fluoridated water or raw juices without consuming energy drinks and soda cans filled with bullshit. Stop getting shit faced on the weekends, and start spending time in Nature which has therapeutic effects. Stop polluting your brain and lungs with their toxic cigarettes, and start exercising and feeding you oxygen. Stop wasting your time mindlessly surfing the internet and start using it to educate yourself. Stop focusing your precious mind on all the problems in your life, and start focusing it on the solutions. Stop feeding the power of fear, insecurity and shyness by hiding from the world, and instead find an organization like Toastmasters to practice communicating and public speaking. As a conclusion, we must start making conscious choices that strengthen our minds and develop our intrinsic characters, as the default the system is setup to use us and exploit us.

You can find the happiness not by chasing material things, but through the self development. In our life we have to deal with stress, heart ache, and difficult circumstances and the only thing that will keep you happy and able to overcome those things is a strong mind. But you need to build it through lifestyle.

Please read this blog HERE, if you would like a very detailed explanation of how I personally overcame my struggles, and made these lifestyle changes.

If you really want to change your life, it will take hard work, and there are no short cuts. But you can start changing your life for the better if you follow the advice given in that blog.

I sincerely hope it helps you find your way.

One Love.

Written by Gavin Nascimento, Founder of

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