At the public piano, an elderly woman plays ragtime like a goddess.

Brendan Kavanagh had a surprising discovery at the train station when he encountered a musical performance.

During one of his frequent trips to the train station to film his piano playing, Brendan Kavanagh found something amazing. He met an incredible lady who was really good at music. It was clear that she had been a great musician in her heyday, showing off her talent on stage.

The talented woman’s identity is still unknown, but when she met Brendan Kavanagh, a piano and piano accordion player from London with Irish roots, it was a lucky coincidence. Kavanagh, who is a piano teacher and performer, has a big fan base on YouTube, with more than 1.2 million subscribers on his channel.

Check out the video down there to see this awesome musician Brendan Kavanagh found at the train station!

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