At 37, She’s Had Enough Of Waiting For The Perfect Man And Is Planning A Single Honeymoon

Not everyone wants to share their life with someone else, while others have yet to find the right person to decide to spend the rest of their days with. Times have changed and sentimental independence, especially among women, is no longer an object of reproach as in the past. This is how a 37-year-old American decided to go public with her decision not to wait any longer to enjoy life by organizing a honeymoon just for her .

Brittany Allyn , an influencer living between New York and London, is a big fan of travel and adventure, but has yet to find the perfect man to share those experiences with. At 37, she therefore decided to go on honeymoon alone, thus freeing herself from the expectation of a partner. After having her eggs frozen at a British clinic, she planned the “honeymoon” of her dreams, reaching the destinations she had always wanted to see: the south of France and romantic Venice, Italy.

After this one-on-one experience, Brittany began using her social media to encourage other women to stop putting off the things they want to do while waiting for a mate, encouraging female empowerment and celebrating friendship, rather than the exhausting pursuit of romantic feelings.

“I don’t feel the pressure of having to get married,” Brittany said. “I once heard that if you got married at 50 to the love of your life, you could stay with that person for 30 years. I’m in no rush.”

She says her outlook on life is rooted in her family: “I had down-to-earth, supportive parents who said, ‘Britt, we want you to experience everything in life, may you have a good time.’ Marriage is good, children are good, but not everyone has a perfect marriage or perfect children. I hope that will happen, but In the meantime, live your life.”

Although these words were repeated to her from an early age, Brittany did not always share the same view: “In my twenties it was completely different, I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I was in love of a boy I had known in high school and I was like, ‘We will live in the same town, we will get married and we will have children when we are 27 or 30.’ At 25, we separated and I took a completely different direction.”

Since changing her outlook on life and surpassing social expectations, this woman has come to understand that the honeymoon shouldn’t just be the prerogative of newlyweds, giving rise to what she calls the “me-moon “. “Now that I’m 37, I’ve seen many women take different paths and one isn’t better than the other, you’re not necessarily happy if you’re married and if you’re a mother In a way, I think it’s easier to be independent and single.”

Do you agree with her?

Source used:

New York Post

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