The most beautiful form of expression is the art. Akie Nakata from Japan has selected this form to show the world her amazing talent. 

She is a self-taught artist and she enjoyed picking up stones as a child. Her ultimate inspiration was stones. And now she turns these stones into vivid art. 

Akie has taken art to a whole new level. The people who love art definitely interested in her creations. She turns stones into a character, and she treats them like real animals. This is really interesting to see how the stones are brought into life. 


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Thank you for reading my earlier post about my recent experience. Some of you have also sent me some encouraging messages, each of which I read with gratitude. I might not be responding to individual message; please accept my “heart icon” to your message as a thank-you from me. I will now focus my attention on working with each and every stone I encounter and creating my art, not discouraged by someone else heartlessly copying my style. Thank you. To express my appreciation, I am posting my recent work. Bluebird painted on a natural shaped stone. This sweet bluebird has a perfect 3D shape all around, and is palm sized: W40 x D35 x H35mm. One of a kind “happy piece.” Hope he makes you smile, and see you again when I return! #bluebird #thankful #painting #art #stoneart #stonepainting #rockart #rockpainting #paintedstones #naturalshape

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When she had a walk along the river, she came up with this incredible idea. The first creation was a rabbit-shaped pebble. 

Akie says that each stone has a purpose and she used to paint what she sees. 


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ヴィレッジヴァンガードが毎月発行しているフリーペーパー『VVmagazine』にてストーンアートを大変丁寧に取材して頂きました。 今月末の29日頃から全国の店舗で配布される8月号(vol.49)に掲載されます。宜しければ是非ご覧ください。 My stone art will be appear in “VVmagazine “(VVmagazine is a free magazine in popular book store in Japan that named Village Vanguard) around this month, 29th. Hope my pieces will make many smiles. I’ll continue my work sincerely. Thank you. #stoneart #stonepainting #rockart #rockpainting #wildlife #animal #fineart #art #akie #drawing #painting #otter #Orientalsmallclawedotter #コツメカワウソ#VVmagazine #villagevanguard #ヴィレッジヴァンガード #VVマガジン #ヴィレヴァン #ヴィレッジ #ストーンアート

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If the pebble looks like a dog, it’s a dog according to Akie. She expresses her emotions and talent through her connection with the stone. She never cuts the stones to get the shape she needs and she uses the stone as it is

Finally she creates incredibly detailed pebbles. She needs to see their look before the final outcome. 


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続く災害に気持ちと言葉が追いつきません…今後様々な情報も溢れると思いますが… 自分が東北で被災した際友人作家の投稿に心が和みましたので、少しずつ作品画像をお届け出来ればと思っています。 こちらは過去作品です。 体長45ミリの小さなフクロウ。友人がフランスの海岸で見つけてくれた石から生まれました。滑らかで、光にかざすとほんのり透けるとても綺麗な瑪瑙石でした。 Past work, beautiful owl painted on natural shape stone. This is for my mother-in-law and not for sale. so, just I hope you have fun to see the picture. P.S. For those of you who leave comments, please accept my “like” as a token of my appreciation. I will be sure to read all your comments. Thank you. #stoneart #stonepainting #rockart #rockpainting #drawing #painting #art #fineart #akie #owl

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Akie believes that each stone has a story to tell. She even doesn’t forget to talk to her animals. Stones spend a lot of time in nature, adjusting their appearance to the current shape. So, according to Akie, they have a history too. 

Until the “final product”, the stones roll and crush. She also respects her idea of using the stone as it is.

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