Artist Illustrates The Simple Ways She Knows She’s Loved, And You’ll Definitely Relate

Even though Hollywood movies portray love in a fantastical way, they don’t do the phenomena justice.

According to many people, the moments which inspire fondness for their significant other occur during seemingly normal if not even boring times. After waking up, you notice your partner is asleep and the peaceful way they inhale and exhale makes you smile. It’s normal and boring, and you could need everything in that moment at the same time.

Hollywood movies make love seem as if it has to be earned. They recognize that the other person isn’t all that bad after the heroes brave danger, and then the smooching begins. This moment is exciting.

Lynn Choi, an Auckland-based artist is someone who recognizes what love is really about. Recently, he shared seven illustrations which capture the heartwarming “everyday” experiences we all share with those we love. They affirm that the best moments are often found in the simplest of situations from Netflix binge-watching sessions to lazy Sunday mornings.

“Waking up in the morning to find you making breakfast for me”

“Having you as my personal feeding assistant while working at home”

“Keeping me safe and warm, even when I have bad dreams”

“Keeping me entertained when it’s Saturday afternoon and there’s nothing else to do”

“Sharing takeout while catching up on our Netflix time”

“You somehow manage to make every activity a blast”

“Even waiting for the bus is a little more fun with you”

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