Artist Captures The Happiest Moments Of A Relationship In A Set Of Amusing Illustrations

Crislane Passos is a Brazilian illustrator. He has created a funny comic book series about the happiest moments of Max and Julia.

He has depicted the differences in everyday life and he has got this idea a few years later while he’s writing a novel.

When she finished writing the novel, she was in love with the story that she created about this imaginary wife.

She said that many people associated with the story. So, she devoted herself to this and wrote the book.

These images depict common occurrences that can happen in a couple’s cohabitation. So, it shows that in a relationship, they are not all rosy things happening, but there are tensions too. They also focus on their romantic moments.

Here are the images that portrays in a rather entertaining way the happiest moments of a relationship.

Sexy Dreams

A little puppy

Planning a trip

Watching a movie

When she is angry

When he holds her back

Romance vs Football

Just a bite

Just hold me

Funny Pranks


Bad days


Shopping grocery


Dog vs Cat


Grab him

Equal rights

Definitely angry

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