These 17 Animals Have Mastered The Art Of Social Distancing

Social distancing is something people around the world obey because of the novel coronavirus.

E if it is an important guideline, we sometimes easily forget it. But there are some animals that have already mastered the practice. Here are 17 furry experts below, if you ever find yourself wondering about the proper protocol.

1 These kitties have the perfect amount of space between them.

2 Here we see a very good boy setting an even better example.

3 “This Aussie heard about social distancing, cat didn’t.”

4 These ducks fit the bill when it comes to slowing the spread.

5 This group knows how to set boundaries.

6 Social distancing saves lives — in more ways than one.

7 “Bin chickens show backpackers how it’s done.”

8 “Social distancing with my frenemy Tilly.”

9 A prupper demonstration.

10 You may find this sight amoosing, but be sure to follow their lead!

11 Parking spaces make for pawsome separators.

12 As it turns out, roofs also function as cat holders.

13 This pup knows a special trick: Using circles can help flatten the curve!

14 Looks like this clawver feline has mastered the same trick!

15 Even peacocks understand why these details are so important.

16 These cats aren’t kitten around about safety.

17 Seagulls? More like social distancing sea-goals!

Animals teach us a good lesson. We also can follow their example in order to keep our loved ones safe.

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