An Adorable Photoshoot Take Place With Dachshund And Her 6 New Pups

A photographer is not somebody who snaps pictures but they are an artist in many different ways. Many of the photographers focus on one particular type of photography so that they can specialize it over their lifetime. Belinda Sol is also one of those who take pictures of newborn babies with their mothers. One day, Mona, a woman called her to have a photo shoot. But it wasn’t what she expected.

Mona didn’t want Belinda to take pictures of her and her baby. She wanted pictures of Mia, her pregnant dachshund. Most probably it can be the most adorable pictures we’ve seen in a long time.

Belinda said, “I had never done [a dog shoot] before, and I was excited to do so.” She dressed up Mia and also bought some props.

She said, “I went and made her a maternity dress, purchased some props especially for her, and made our appointment.”

There was the inspected mother and also the father. Mia was a well-trained dog and she behaved like a champ.

She wasn’t up to running around as she was also quite pregnant.

Belinda posted her pictures on Facebook and it went viral so soon. Many people began to share and like the photographs and also added comments. And then she decides to do a follow-up photoshoot with Mia and her puppies.

Belinda was back with her camera in hand when Mia gave birth to six puppies.

She had little hats crocheted for each of the puppies by Crochet Creations by Rebecca Monroe.

Belinda used the same tactics she uses for human babies and she took some pure perfect shots.

Just like human babies, many of the puppies slept during the photoshoot.

I should have all of them!

Source: My Positive Outlooks

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