After 59 Years Of Marriage, He Looks At His Wife And Says “You Can’t Hear Me, But I Love You”

It’s painless and an inevitable part of life is to lose a loved one. This man has loved his wife for 59 years, even after her death.

In every traditional wedding ceremony, we hear the words, “until death separates us.”  This line can be difficult on a lucky day, but they don’t think about its strength. They only remember traditional spoken words.

Losing someone is really difficult. But you know that one day, you will lose your loved one or he will lose you. The actual loss is completely unfathomable and your stomach sinks and your whole body feels hollow and empty. You’ll never find an easy way to be apart.

There can be deep emotion in the final separation for couples who have been married for decades, who support and encourage each other at each stage of their lives. For the first time you’ll realize that, love is sadness.

Bobby lost her woman who he had been married for 60 years. But he gave his children hope for their love and their infinite loyalty in relationships.

He arrived more than an hour earlier than expected to the funeral. He still wanted to spend all his time with his wife. When he leaned over to kiss her one last time, he shuddered.

He spoke softly with her knowing that she doesn’t hear it. He sat quietly beside his wife and holds her hand until the other members of the family arrived there.

He stayed with his wife and said how beautiful she was when the rest of the family was ready to go. As he doesn’t want lose his last moments, he sat nearly five hours with her.

Now, his life is changed forever. These 59 years of marriage are worth the world is torn apart. Even though he is afraid of grief he should not sacrifice his happiness forever. Bobby had a real love for his wife, which brought him joy and pain.

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