Affection Is In The Small Gestures: 16 Images That Never Cease To Move

Our body often makes gestures unconsciously. When we hear a person whose voice trembles because she is crying, we do not think about it for a moment and we hug her in an attempt to console her. All this is nothing but a proof of affection, these are simple gestures, but which warm the heart.

Here are 16 images that never cease to move, but above all that show how much affection lies in small gestures.

1.The thoughtfulness of a loving husband: “I have loved you since day one”


“I’ve been expecting my baby for six months and I haven’t moved from my bed. My husband cooked my lunch and left me a sweet note.”

2.”This scene seen at the traffic lights made me laugh a lot”


He always wanted to take a motorcycle trip with his dog. He couldn’t help but take her with him.

3.”My bearded agama celebrates the carnival”


She wanted to celebrate carnival with her pet: she made him a beautiful mask.

4.”My sweet dog stole the whole scene from my selfie.”

Francesca McG/Reddit

As soon as she tried to take a picture of herself, her dog intervened and tried to appear in the portrait too.

5.He wanted to keep his dad company


“I joined my father on his last flight after 36 years of flying planes.”

6.There are no words to describe this little girl’s affection for her little dog.


“A beautiful photo of my granddaughter holding her puppy, this is what pure love looks like.”

7.Shaking a hand has many meanings.


“He was the only one who made me feel like a princess.”

8.A child’s smile brings joy to the day.


“I made my daughter a wreath from our garden. She seemed delighted.”

9.”Don’t disturb her when she’s in my jacket.”


There is a special bond between an animal and its owner. This hen fits perfectly in the space of her jacket.

10.We wonder if they can both sleep comfortably


“My daughter and my dog ​​are the best of friends. He follows her everywhere and she is so cute with him.”

11.Becoming a dad is life-changing


“He waited so long to become a dad and now he would do anything for our 5 day old daughter.”

12.He would protect her no matter what


“Our dog loves our newborn baby”

13.A beautiful creation with balloons


“My son’s pediatrician was a balloon artist. Today she made him a balloon backpack. A doctor who really cares about his little patients.”

14.A gesture that shows what values ​​this child was raised with


Everything becomes more beautiful with kindness. He tried to protect it from the rain.

15.”My 49-year-old mother and I graduated from nursing together.”


When mother and daughter share everything, even studies. They became nurses at the same time.

16.Portrait of the little dog


“Our neighbor gave us a portrait of our dog. We love it!”

What do you think is a big show of affection?

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