A Rescue Dog Saves A Man Buried In Snow And He Films The Adorable Moment

This is really a heartwarming video.

We have heard many stories about humans rescuing dogs, cats, and other animals. But stories about dogs rescuing humans are not common to us. We need to tell you that nobody was harmed in the video; especially the dogs and they were only doing their training. 

Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England recently tweeted a video of a training drill and in the video it is buried in the snow and is rescued by one of their trained dogs. A volunteer-based organization, The Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England is made up of mountain rescue search dog trainers, rescue search specialists, and rescue dogs. They track down the human scent to find lost walkers in the mountain. 

The rescue search dogs are trained to react to a human scent being blown towards them by the wind. They react to any human scent not only to a missing person according to the Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England website. One of the handlers went a bit further down and buried himself in snow during a training drill and filmed the video below. In the video one of the rescue dogs named Flo doing her very best to dig down and rescue the volunteer. 

Flo tries to get enough snow away in order to put her nose through an opening during the first ten seconds of the video. She continuously digging the snow and even used her body to tear down the wall of snow that was on top of the volunteer. Flo manages to get enough snow away for her to crawl in next to the man and rescue him 20 seconds later. It’s certain that Flo and the other rescue dogs will do their best and help people as soon as possible. 

Her bio tells, “Flo is an extremely intelligent, confident young dog with a remarkable work ethic and drive. We work operationally for the Peak District Mountain Rescue Organization covering the entire Peak District. Flo is well known for her unusually tall upright ears. Since Flo’s initial grading on Jan 17 she has attended over 30 operational call outs for missing persons.”

In order to evaluate the dog’s basic obedience level and the handling skills of the trainer, they both will have to go through a registration test. There’s also a stock test to make sure that the dogs have no interest in the stock which will be grazing over the hill. They are promoted to stage 1 once they have passed this. In stage 1 they are taught the ‘find sequence’, where they find the Dogsbodies and let their handlers know about it.

A dogsbody is someone who goes out and hides for the dogs to find, during their training and assessment courses. They return to their handler and bark to let them know when they find the dogsbody. Next, they are having another test and they move on to Stage 2 where they will be taught how to search some areas with their dogs if they pass. The handlers usually search for small areas without revealing the location of the dogsbodies in the stage 3. As they progress, the area keeps getting larger and the dogs with their handlers are assessed. They are finally enrolled in Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England once they are gauged to be more competent.

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