A Passenger On A Flight Asks For A Vegan Meal: He Only Receives A Banana

From a dietary point of view, each individual has different habits. Not everyone eats the same things, but above all, there are people who have taken a certain path, choosing to eliminate certain products from their diet. In contemporary society, many people have decided to take the path of veganism.

With this in mind, companies that offer meals, such as airlines, must adapt and think about offering vegan alternatives . But a pity that the protagonist of the story was offered a banana as a meal during a flight. Let’s take a closer look at what happened.

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Kris Chari flew business class from Jakarta, Indonesia to Tokyo, Japan with Japan Airlines. The trip was uneventful, but unfortunately the man was disappointed with the way he was treated at mealtimes. He has been following a diet that excludes animal products for years . That’s why, when booking his flight, he indicated the foods he could eat and explicitly asked to receive a vegan meal. However, at the time of service, the hostesses served him a platter including… a banana . For this reason, he decided to tell his story on the flyertalk forum.

The airline offers non-vegan passengers a rich snack consisting of seared tuna with Moroccan eggplant salad, cheese with orange sauce and a baguette. Kris also expected such a rich meal, but without the animal products. However, when he saw a single banana arrive, he could only be very disappointed.


“Before takeoff, the flight attendant confirmed that I had ordered the vegan meal. When they served me the banana, I thought it was just a disappointing starter, but in fact it was all they were going to serve me. It was very good, but I feel like it could only be a snack and nothing more. I find it offensive that only one banana is served at the vegan people, while the others are entitled to a rich menu. I was quite disappointed and shocked .”

A Japan Airlines representative, after reading Kris’s words, stepped in and apologized for not being able to meet her expectations.

And you, how would you have reacted?

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