A New Study Says Washing Dishes, Sweeping, And Folding Clothes Can Prolong Your Life

When we were kids we hated to wash or clean our room as cleaning is neither fun nor pleasant. In childhood, we have somehow avoided these and always have everything in order because of our parents. But this is not going to work since we grew up. Once you read this article, we are certain that you will not want to avoid them anymore.

You will approach all your boring tasks from a new angle and change your attitude towards them after reading this article.

New study says dishwashing, sweeping and folding clothes can prolong your life

You do not have to run out at the gym anymore to live longer. People think that household chores were not enough to keep themselves healthy, but it’s not true, people think like due to a lack of information. According to American scientists, even light activities such as folding clothes or sweeping the ground can make life a lot easier.

The study was done including 6,000 participants and they were all women aged 63 to 99 years. They collected data on their daily physical activity for one week and the doctors monitored their state of health for 3 years.

The results revealed that women who had spent about 30 minutes with light physical activity regularly such as wrinkles had 12% less risk of death than women who did not move much. Among the participants who had 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity, the mortality rate was even lower. The increase in life expectancy in this case was about 39%. According to the researchers the results were similar for women of all ages, cultures and weights.

The people have health benefits with this, even if their physical activity is lower than that recommended in the guidelines. The lead author of the study said that “doing something is better than doing nothing.” According to him the current recommendations do not encourage easy activities as the database was previously lacking.

This study also refers to the younger generation. If you can develop healthy habits when you are young, it is really important. It will be easier for you to get it for life in this case. This is a simple option for living longer.

An ideal way to reduce stress is dishware.

According to many studies, there’s a link between high levels of stress and mortality and that’s one reason to do some housework. The people who wash the dishes (focusing on the process, feeling the soap and feeling the temperature of the water) can increase their inspiration by 25% and reduce their anxiety by 27%. This also helps you to prolong your wonderful life.

But you need to focus on the process. But if you wash them only because you needed it cannot have any health benefits.

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