A Child Follows A Poisonous Snake And Finds A Nest With 110 Eggs In The Garden

There are places in the world where you can find very dangerous animals, one of them being Australia. This country is home to the most venomous species that exist. The inhabitants of this gigantic island have built cities very close to the clearing, which has caused all the animals to no longer be afraid of man and to come closer and closer, so much so that they often even penetrate in the urban agglomeration. Indeed, it is often possible to find them in the most diverse and unthinkable places.

This is exactly what happened to the child in the story, who decided to follow a poisonous snake until he discovered that it had laid 110 eggs in his garden.

Wild Conservation/Facebook

In Sydney, Australia, a two-year-old boy who was playing in his garden noticed something strange. At first he doesn’t understand what it is, then, looking closer, he realizes that it is a snake. Not realizing how dangerous he was, he decided to approach closer and closer. Sensing the danger, the animal moved away and headed for its nest. The child chased him and discovered that he had laid 110 eggs .

As soon as the child’s family realized what had happened, they wasted no time and thought the best thing to do was to call in the professionals, including Wild Conservation, who, after captured the snake, published a post on Facebook recounting the intervention. The company explained that its employees first inspected the entire property, then began digging in the front yard of the property, eventually finding the nest with the eggs.

Wild Conservation/Facebook

This snake belongs to one of the most dangerous species that exist, namely the brown snake , which is the second most venomous snake in the world. Its bite can be fatal because it introduces toxins into the body of the unfortunate victim that can paralyze the main organs of the human body in a very short time.

Fortunately, the little one was not harmed by this untimely discovery, but action had to be taken immediately.

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