A Buddhist Master Explains What Karma Really Means And How It Can Be Used As A Guiding Force In Life.

When we consider about karma, the first things that come to our mind is “fate.” If you do something bad for others, you will also have to face something. If you are now facing something horrible, you must have surely done something horrible in the past. But that is not how Buddhist sees Karma.

According to Buddhist Barbara O’Brien karma in her blog is: “action not fate.” It’s the energy we create with our thoughts, actions, and words. You can change your future with your actions as your decisions are the key to your future destination and your future is not carved on stones.

We can control our karma as it is not about punishments or rewards.

According to Pema Chodron, a Buddhist master, karma is a “direct reaction to your actions”. He also says that karma teaches you to open your heart and analyze yourself and your actions.

Why does Mainstream Society get Karma so Wrong?

Most of the humans find happiness on the outside on materialistic things. We will know that we need to care for the present if we open up to our self and our future will form with our actions.

Watering the Garden of your Mind: How to Use Karma as a Guiding Force?

All the feelings that come to our mind are the seeds in the garden of our mind such as seeds of joy, grief, anger. The kind of flower grows depends on who water and nourish it. You can focus on the right seeds with the help of karma. Watering is similar to our daily life actions. Your karma will lead to the way you react to difficult situations.

You can always produce a better future with calm and peace than anger and violence. You can gain focus by practicing mindfulness activities like yoga and meditation and thinking about yourself for 5 minutes.

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