90-Year-Old Grandma Hand-Paints Houses With Flowers And Turns Czech Village Into Art Gallery

A 90-year-old grandma is painting her small village blue with her majestic floral designs.

When it comes to living your passion, age doesn’t matter. The best example for it is the Czech grandma who’s painting her village blue with houses and she uses her canvass and flowers as her main art object.

It has become obsolete to design the exterior of houses with paint. Some of them want to put unique features like tiles or decorative stones to their houses to be different from the rest in the neighborhood. It will be more expensive to create a more detailed design on the house exterior. But there’s an artist who offers her stamps her creations on homes for free in a village in the Czech Republic.

This grandma is painting houses with her floral arts and putting more vibrant colors to her small village.

Anežka (Agnes) Kašpárková is very clever and she doesn’t stop from expressing her creativity. Even the hump on her back or her old age doesn’t stop her. Even though she is 90 years old, she goes around the small village of Louka, Czech Republic to paint houses with different floral designs. She wants to make the area look like the little Polish village where every home is covered with painted flowers.

She spends every spring and summer seasons to color the windows and door frames of the houses in her village with her majestic designs. She was a former agricultural worker. Anežka has got this talent from another local woman who did the same for several years.

Anežka paint flowery designs on houses with bright blue color and a small brush. She uses the intricate floral patterns inspired by the traditional Moravian (southern Czech) artwork to color the walls. She paints the walls purely for pleasure saying:

“I am an artist…I just enjoy it and I want to help.”

Here are the photos of her amazing works:
















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