9 Types Of Massage That Can Help You With Your Back And Neck Pain

Here are 9 types of massages that can relieve muscle tension in the neck and back. You can also find some bonus at the end of this article.

Self-massage techniques 

1 Relieve back pain with a tennis ball.

Muscle overuse and poor posture can cause back pain. You can try the tennis ball massage to relieve pain, to relax your back. You only need a few tennis balls.

  1. Lie on your back. Knees should be bent and feet on the ground.
  2. Lift your hips and place 2 tennis balls under your back.
  3. Silence for 60 seconds.

Move the balls to find different points of tension and treat different muscle areas.

Remember not to roll on the ball or support your back in the tennis ball.

2 Eliminate neck and back pain with a hot towel.

You need a towel for this massage. Simply warm up your towel and use it while it’s hot to relieve your back.

  1. Take a soft towel and turn it into a thick, pig-shaped shape.
  2. Place it behind your neck and hold one end in each hand.
  3. Rub the tape up and down on your neck with moderate pressure.
  4. You can repeat the treatment two or three times.

3 To relax and relieve pain in the shoulders and neck with pressure points

According to researches and practices, it is effective. 9 out of 10 studies say that acupressure and reflexology relieve pain. You can hide your trigger points that are connected to your back. Consult a specialist first as there are many points on your body. You can relax your neck, your back, or your whole body, including your back and neck in many ways.

  1. Take your time and do it when you are not in a hurry.
  2. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.
  3. Relax. Take a deep breath and close your eyes.
  4. Apply firm, deep pressure in small bends or upward and downward movements.

4 Relieve the pain in the upper back.

You need to relax yourself as the muscles in your upper back work very hard. You must:

  1. Stand up straight.
  2. Tap lightly on your left arm to apply pressure to the defect.
  3. Continue to apply pressure until you feel the trigger point is released. Spend at least 30 seconds at each location.
  4. Move around the muscles around the shoulder blade and apply pressure to other triggers. But be careful not to put too much pressure.

Get a massage from a therapist

  1. Thai Yoga Massage

This was originated in India about 2,500 years ago and was subsequently adopted in Thailand. This is a kind of dry massage with clothes and there is also the gradual stretching of the body with a basic massage. This helps to relax muscles in yoga-inspired positions to make them more flexible after finding the stress points in the body.

This is the best way to stretch and knead your body.

  1. Shiatsu

Shiatsu which means finger pressure is a part of Japanese and Chinese medicine. It’s a beautiful old technique. The therapist heals and corrects internal disorders by exerting a different pressure on the muscle groups with fingers, thumb and pal. In order to release blocked energy or Qi, it uses acupressure points in tense muscles.

  1. Ayurvedic Massage with Potli

Potli massage therapy, which was based on Indian Ayurvedic medicine use old herbs to relax and heal the tissues of the interior. Heated herbal bags (called “potli”) with regenerative oil are used to make this. It needs to rub through and press with potli on the stressed muscle parts. Different herbs have different benefits.

  1. Hot stone Massage

This is done by placing warm, smooth stones in the most important parts of your body. You can remove muscle tension and soften them with the help of their warmth. The therapist can easily access the deepest muscle layers and eliminate the pain with the heat of the stones.

  1. Deep Massage

Musculoskeletal problems such as stress and sports injuries are treated with this deep tissue massage. The therapist focuses on the target muscle group to relieve chronic tension in the deep tissue massage. They apply a greater pressure to relieve stress from palms, forearms and even elbows.

You shouls remember that this should only be done under the direction of an experienced therapist.

Bonus: you can enjoy the very effective technique of Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is for novices in massage. You will be able to relax the whole body with this massage. Therapists use kneading, passive joint massage, long tapping and deep circular movements during this massage. You also can relax, stimulate nerve endings, and increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Important: consult your massage therapist before you do the massage

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