8 Warning Signs You’re Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted

Our life can sometimes be really tiresome. You’ll be high up at one moment and in the next moment you’re back down where you started. A person’s physical and mental well being can be really messed with all that madness and unpredictability.

When our life becomes so hard and is physically exhausted and also lost all the hopes for the future, you just only need a good, old-fashioned rest.

We should need to be cool off for a while and let others take the lead whenever our life strikes us with some rocks along the way. It doesn’t mean that you’re giving up its making time for self-love and healing.

Here are 8 signs to tell you that you’re going through a rough patch in life.

You are easily irritated

When you feel hopeless and the inability and the lack of power will make you feel more and more irritated. In this situation, if you can avoid any possible contact with the outside world, it is much safer to you.

Without beating yourself up and recklessly wasting your time, spend this ‘time off’ to work on yourself.

Your motivational levels are lower than ever

It will be really hard to get the work done and you will find the motivation you need for the goals that you once work hard.

Give yourself a rest without pushing yourself too hard. Inspiration is everywhere around us and it will strike you when you least need it.

You are experiencing anxiety attacks more than usual

You’ll feel more stressed than usual with your over exhaustion and will also cause anxiety attacks.

You can heal your wounds by finding a way to center yourself. So, give some rest to yourself and find out what you exactly need.

You have trouble sleeping

You’ll always feel like you’re out of the place and that overwhelming feeling will make you harder to calm your thoughts and fall asleep. You’ll also have to face with insomnia.

Meaningless things upset you

You’ll feel more intense than you feel before because of your increased sensitivity. You’ll even get upset for trivial things and those will bring tears to your eyes.

Take some time to mend your world even if it is too hard, it will surely work.

You feel dizzy and nauseous

Constant dizziness and nausea are one of the red signs of over-exhausted people. When someone experiences a mental breakdown, it also affects the physical well being.

Take matters into your hands before it’s too late.

You feel like crying for no reason

You’ll feel like the whole world plots against you when you are in a bad place in life. You are in a situation that even the slightest joke could make your eyes fill with tears.

We lose our strength to cope with challenging situations when we’re exhausted both physically and mentally. Crying is the only mechanism our body and soul use for cleansing.

You start to feel detached

You’ll be “comfortably numb” after a while and you don’t feel bad, nor good. When you lose all hope, you’ll go senseless.

Stop for a while to relax when you feel even a small negative change in your life. Take time to heal your wounds and you’ll surely overcome with it. The first thing you need to do is to take care of yourself.

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