8 Signs You Are a Spiritually Awakened Person!

Spiritually awakened people typically share the following characteristics like following a healthy diet, being rebels, being interested in the mystery of the universe, not following the mainstream, and so on. But, there’re more subtle traits of these people, and some on this journey do not even realize that they display these behaviors, since they’re ingrained in them.

In case you’ve started the spiritually awakening process, you may say or do these eight things that you are not even aware of:

– You find a deeper meaning in literally everything

You will like to talk about anything. You hate small chit-chat. You are never interested in gossips and on the other hand, you will like to talk about strange stuff such as aliens, galaxies, quantum physics and etc. you will try hard to find out the meaning of life. Furthermore, you will never ignore the signs from the universe, such as a butterfly that lands on your fingertips or 11:11 on your clock. You will never believe in coincidence. You will see these as blessings from the universe. You know that almost everything happens for a reason.

– You do not like authority

You will never feel low from the people who are in the higher position than you. You often question authority. You do not like how our system is set up that does give you an aversion to the law and people that enforce it.  You obviously know that under all those uniforms and badges they’re just people. This is why you will talk to them like they ate somebody on your level rather than somebody above you,

– You usually give others solid advice

You will possess your own perspectives about the world because you think a bit outside of the box. Others will approach you because they know that you will provide them with some solid advice whenever they want. People will come frequently because you are very kind and an ideal person for somebody that just needs words of wisdom and a listening ear.

– You are always open to new ideas

Even though you have your own ideas and opinions and thoughts about the world, you will also be open to some new ideas and perspectives. You have to silence your ego if you are a spiritually awakened person and should be enough to comprehend that your opinions and ideas may not be the best ones out there. You will also give others to speak and share what they have to say. As you know that, being a human being, you are continually learning and evolving.

– You enjoy being alone

You will enjoy your own company most of the time. You won’t spend much time around people because you won’t agree with everything they are doing. You feel unbalanced and anxious in a noisy crowded place. Nature, bookstores, and coffee shops are actually up your alley.

– You help others as much as possible

You are wondering about some stuff such as why does the world operate this way. You are aware that everyone should stop living so disconnectedly, engaging in violence and senseless wars, spreading hate, and polluting the environment. Do you want to make everyone do the same? This means that you are a spiritually awakened person. Someone may also call you a “silly hippie” or “dreamer”, you are aware that living cohesively and helping one another make sense. Also, you do not pay attention to what other people think. You keep helping others as much as possible.

– You do not follow the mainstream

Instead of going out to the bar you will always choose to stay at home and make a healthy dinner for yourself and watch sometimes you like. You will always do the opposite of what the society does like you won’t go shopping on Black Fridays. You engage in meditating, exercising, following a healthy diet, and self-care in order to take care of your body, soul, and mind. In short, you do the activities that “spiritually awakened” people do. You do not want to be different, but it simply comes naturally to you.

– You do not believe everything you read or hear 

In case you heard something on the mainstream news, you probably do not believe it, unless you double check sources. Also, you rarely watch the news. You go to an alternative source to keep informed instead. You’re on a good mission to learn more throughout life because you question everything you read or hear.

If you hear something on the mainstream news you won’t believe it unless you are 100% assured with it. You will watch news rarely, you prefer you to use alternative sources to keep informed. You will achieve great things in life because you question everything you read or hear. You also overanalyze everything in your life, which means that you’re a spiritually awakened person.

In case if you have any of the behaviors mentioned above, you are a spiritually awakened person without being aware of it.

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