8 Signs That You Have A Strong Personality That Might Intimidate Some People

When people encounter someone with a strong personality, they don’t understand the kind of person they are dealing with. A strong personality is something that many people are intimidated by. Many people may think about you in various ways. Some may think you are rude. Some may think you dominate among others, but they do not reflect your personality at all.

In a world that feeds on insecurity and fear, it’s become normal for people to be meek and hide among the herd. It’s great to be unique among them because they will always feel triggered when they face someone completely opposite than them.

People with domineering personalities will always try to give you a bad image. When they make up their mind about someone, they never want to change it. No matter what you do. It will remain the same.

Strong people do not have to win over anything, because they have already won it. That’s why people are trying to ruin it saying unnecessary stuff about you.

And these rare gems who possess a genuine strength in personality are something we can all learn from. People don’t like to accept it. Some people might be afraid of you because of your strong personality. That’s the thing you never have to change. You have to show all your assets in the most appropriate way. Don’t let anyone else to validate you. You know who you are and what you want to be. Have faith in yourself.

Here are 8 traits that make up for a strong personality which cannot be shaken down by the insecurities of others.

You don’t let everyone into your life

As a strong person, you do not need to rely on others. You don’t have to provide your own character certificate. Why should you do anything like that? Let them recognize you eventually, give them time and space. You will also recognize that some people need to do that to make themselves feel better. You also recognize that some people need to hear these things to feel whole.

Your core philosophy of friendship is better to stay alone and true than be surrounded by fake people. That’s true. Being along is harmless than staying around million fake friends. Remember that you do not need a boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, best friend or family member to tell you what you’re capable of. You can figure that out on your own and let other also to figure it out. Quality must be everything for you, while quantity is just a waste of time.

You don’t crave attention

You’re not the type of person who’ll do everything for a little attention. You don’t like to stand out among other. You always fail to understand why people are so eager to be liked by others that they are ready to go to any lengths to gain their attention.

But because of your personality people like to be around you because someone might have understood that you are worth to be around. It’s the people around you who want someone like you to be present in their lives. It just that your personality attracts people to you. The amount of socializing you do is not because you want to do it but because people need people like you around.

Despite this perception, you still need time to recharge. Don’t be afraid to take it. It is just as important to take care of yourself as it is to take care of other people.

You don’t need anybody’s approval

People will never do what they have to do. They will only do stuff just to get others approval and appreciation. Not you, though, you are one of a kind. You want to do your stuffs only for your satisfaction.

You have your own goals and decisions in your life. And you have set your own motivation to achieve them. You don’t need other opinions to follow what makes you happy. You will do what you want to do and you won’t expect any kind of approval as long as you have yourself.

You are repelled by ignorance, idiocy, and insensitivity

Because you have put time and effort into using your brain for good, you hate it when people make instant judgments about things they do not know anything about. This is probably your best quality but not because you can use your knowledge to influence people. It is because you can use it to encourage people to actually think about what they say before it falls out of their mouth.

You also don’t like to rush into irrational decisions because you always like to measure out the effect your actions will have on you and the world around you. Not everyone can have this quality. Everyone’s notices you first.

You hate small talk

Small talk is terrible. If you have a strong personality, you have a lot of ideas. You do not want to waste time talking about people when you could be changing the world. Small talk and all the dull and tedious expressions and words that keep on coming back. You don’t want to add irrelevant things in your life.

When there are so many useful things to discuss, then why listening to unnecessary chats. People are always focus on unwanted things. They are always curious to know about other, which can be completely omitted. You must search about things where there is scope and opportunity to grow.

You’re a good listener

Here the table turns. People are already used to talk more and listen less, but people with strong personalities know how to listen. You might think that people would appreciate this. But in reality, being heard and encouraged actually terrifies people who are not used to it. When these people come across you they feel it odd because you are a good listener.

While there are those rare few who will truly appreciate your attention in the way you’re ready to give, most people like to complain about not being heard while begging that they never get to be heard.

You don’t put up with excuses

Unsuccessful people always makes excuses for things they can’t doing their lives. But a person with this personality know how to manages the work due and overcome all the challenges. You simply don’t have the time to listen to people whining about how they didn’t manage their time properly and place the blame on external factors.

You know that there are no obstacles if you set your mind on it. No one can stop you from reaching your ultimate goal. Everyone has the capability of achieving things in life, but they don’t matter about it because they have time to waste making excuses.

You’re fearless

Having fear in life is not an option in life. They are fears of course, and that is   the difference between you and other people is that you do not let this fear dictate the way you live your life. You know how to manage your emotions and overcome your fears. You know that the odds are just odds, and they can never become bigger than you – and you are ready to march in and face whatever is trying to hold you back.

This makes you fearless – your ability to cope with your fears and use them to your advantage. The sense of fear only increases our awareness and makes us more cautious, and you use these abilities to overcome the obstacle that is trying to prevent you from growing. Having challenges in life is one way to overcome the hardest obstacles. It gives you the opportunity to work hard, unless you achieve your goal.

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