8 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Sarcastic Best Friend

Sarcasm has used as a central plant of their sense of humor by some of the funniest, best people around.

It doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like you, but be careful though it certainly can. You may smile and laugh with the sarcastic jabs they send your way.

Here are 8 reasons why everyone needs a sarcastic best friend.

1 They won’t sugarcoat things.

Sarcastic people are always real. If you’re acting a fool and really deserve it they will not hesitate to give you a verbal slap in the face. They’ll not often sugarcoat things. They’ll always tell the truth, the whole truth. And this is going to be better for you in the long run.

2 They’ll never get offended.

Your sarcastic best friend will give you what you want, and also they can take it right back. When it’s pointed and harsh, with grace and dignity, they even handle feedback, and won’t be offended if you decide to speak your truth as that’s a critical trait of a best friend.

3 They make you think outside the box.

Your sarcastic friend calls you on your BS and also they call out your insecurities and push you to think outside the box and get outside of your comfort zone. Their sarcastic sense of humor will make you feel emboldened and they’ll be right there with you every uncomfortable step of the way.

4 They’ve always got your back.

As we all know there are people you think are your friends who in reality talk behind your back and say awful things. But, sarcastic friends are loyal friends. They will tell you and they’ll give the backstabber a piece of their mind if they hear of any back stabbing behavior. They are going to be stick by you through thick and thin.

5 They make a great wing man/woman.

Sarcastic people are very funny. They’ll make you, and your prospective date, smile, and laugh. They’ll drive away the bad people with their pointed sarcastic barbs. It’s the best of both worlds.

6 They never filter themselves.

It could be a recipe for disaster if you are having a best friend with no filter sounds, it may be your best possible ally. The jerks, the narcissists, the abusers, and the manipulators may fend off by sarcastic people. The people who would do you harm for you are not best friends. Your sarcastic friend will tell it like it is, which is scary for people who want to manipulate and harm.

7 They aren’t afraid of offending you.

Your sarcastic best friend knows exactly where your buttons are and they will push the hell out of those buttons if it’s needed. If they know that what they’re saying is something you need to hear they don’t worry about offending you. You’ll just have to get over it if you get offended.

8 They can shut off the sarcasm when they need to.

They are rough no matter what happens, but if they want, they can shut it off too. They won’t be sarcastic at you if you’re experiencing a terrible tragedy. They will be kind, thoughtful, understanding, and accommodating because they love you as they know better than that.

They won’t let people harm you; abandon you when you need them the most. If they’ve got something you need to have said to you they sugarcoat their words.

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