8 Parenting Behaviors That Stop Children From Being Successful

It is a really hard job to raise a child. When you raise a child, you need to know that there are some behaviors that affect your child and set back from reaching their goals. Here are 8 common mistakes happened by parents unknowingly. Regardless of the environment, any parent can raise a successful child. There are lots of things that should be learned by children. So, you need to teach them how to get back on their feet after setbacks. Anyone can make mistakes sometimes; even they have the best intentions. Here are the 8 common behaviors that might keep your child from being successful.

  1. Discouraging trying new things

If you discourage your child for trying something new will hold your child back from being successful. It’s a normal behavior in parenting to be restrictive. Some parents have the best intentions because they might think their child would fail. When your fail, you learn from mistakes. So, your child too needs to deal with failures in a positive way.

  1. Over-coddling

If you do everything of your child, even the things that can be done by your child will not raise a well-functioning adult. You can’t be with them at every time, so you need to give them space to learn things to by themselves. A good example for over-coddling is doing the laundry for them even they are teenagers and adults.

  1. Praising small things

If you over praise your child, it is also going to negatively affect your child’s future. They’ll not keep going and achieve more as they will not motivate. If you praise your child for dressing alone will not encourage themselves to dress next time if you don’t praise them. Remember only to praise when they achieve significant accomplishments in life.

  1. Discouraging friendship

According to the researchers, the parents of successful children helped them create effective social networks. If they have a strong social support, they can be relying on them when they are stressed out.

  1. Helicoptering

If your hover over your child is annoying and makes your child think they are incapable of doing anything by them. They will doubt about themselves in every step they take and they are unable to take risks.

  1. Overly strict behavior

If you treat your child with harsh parenting, they will have emotional difficulties and lower self-control and also they are unable to manage their behavior within reasonable boundaries. As they want to experience more in life, they need some space and freedom.

  1. Discouraging emotional expression

You should have a health parent-child relationship. Keep balance in this relationship which should involve honest discussion about emotions such as fear, worries, frustration and anything that might upset your child. Rather than suppressing them, they need to learn to handle these emotions.

  1. Not practicing what is taught

Children pay a lot of attention to their parents. If they don’t see you do the things you teach them, they might be confused when determining what is right and what is wrong.

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