7 Things Women Do While They Are Cheating In A Relationship

Cheating is not a mistake, but a gruesome experience and a deliberately chosen option. Men don’t like their girls to get cozy with their friends.

If you want to find your girl is having an affair behind your back, here are seven points which may be helping to you:

Asking about your prosaic routine

She’ll ask about your plans a lot. So, she can plan hers to make up her charade. You can catch her red-handed if you tell her a different time and come back home early. Then, you can discover what she has been up to.

Lost in her thoughts

You may have several unaccounted hours with her as she will be inattentive. She’ll only use ‘hmm’ and ‘huh’ with you when conversing with her and she’ll be lost in her own thoughts far away from yours. The first stepping stone for an impending breakup is a distraction. Your relationship will come crashing down if your girl is already aboard.

Nagging all the time

She’ll be irked even with little imperfections. On the slightest pretext also she’s unnecessarily rude and argues and shouts at you. These arguments are begins from her side and she’ll use some meaningless quarrels as a ground for breaking up such as I think it’s not working out anymore” or “I think it’s time we see other people” as her guilty consciousness surges. She uses these phrases as she has already made her choice of other people.

“Oh we’re just good friends”

She uses this phrase to be reckoned with and has secret meanings of it. If the mere mention of this ‘just good friend’ makes her uncomfortable, she is having a fling with that particular person if she flinches at the mention of his name and acts all worked up. Do this with your friend too and see his reactions. If they both act jumpy and nervous, they definitely have an affair behind your back.

Avoiding a proper confrontation

She would avoid direct verbal confrontation with you when you questioned about her whereabouts. She would surely shift the direction of the argument or treat with a silent treatment. Then, get ready for a breakup.

“My cell phone is not yours to browse through!”

This is a termination-probation period sentence. She’ll be glued to her phone, allegedly texting her gal pals, and would giggle and flush while staring at the screen. She would prefer the phone over spending time with you. She would also resent your interference, and quote the famous above line when feeling trapped. She will play the ‘my privacy’ card only at during heated arguments with you.

The loss in our spark

She doesn’t want any kind of physical confrontation with you and will even stop doing the basic forms of endearment. She will not hug you, not give a peck on your cheeks. So, they are the signs that tell you she’s not yours anymore. If your girl does these, just be alone without being in a false relationship.

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