7 Self-Defense Techniques for Women Recommended by a Professional

At any time we could be attacked by any person, and we should never be vulnerable to an attack. If we’re prepared to prevent from an attack, we don’t want to be afraid for anybody.

Here are the 7 best self-defense techniques you should master for ultimate protection.

01. Learn The Weak Spots

In a human body, there are few parts that are especially vulnerable. You can already instinct to protect yourself if you find think them as eyes, nose, throat, knees, chest, and groin are some of the weakest areas in the body. Don’t be afraid of the size of the person who is going to attack you. If you attack them for any of those spots, you’re surely safe.

02. Be Simple And Quick

Don’t give your attacker a few misplaced punches or kicks; give him a surprise with one powerful move. Try to grab your attacker’s hand and use one hand to grasp his pointer and middle fingers and the other hand to grasp his ring and pinky fingers. Pull the fingers apart while simultaneously pushing their wrist forward. Try to land a blow on their Adam’s apple or between their collarbones if you’re unable to reach their hands.

Just don’t be shy to attack for the groin as it’s a guaranteed way to make your attacker drop to their knees.

03. Handle An Attack From The Front

Use all your force to make fists to create space between your bodies then head butt them if they have pinned your arms down. Don’t be ashamed to aim for the groin once they are dazed.


You can disorient them long enough for you to paralyze them with a groin hit by using your palm to strike them on the chin upward toward the nose. if there is space between you at the beginning of the attack.

04. How To Free Your Hands

Here you can use ‘the rule of thumb.’ Rotate your arm in the direction of your attacker’s thumb. Then you can pull as strongly as you can to break free when your arm is aligned underneath your attacker’s.

05. Handle An Attack From Behind

Most of the attackers surprise their victims from behind. Hit them with the back of your head and free yourself. This can make them to move even if you don’t make a direct hit. Then try to knock them off their feet by quickly bending over and grabbing their leg.

06. Handle An Attack From The Side

Always remember that your elbow is an incredible weapon for you. You can stun them by aiming for their temple, jaw, or nose. Then give them powerful hits to the chest or groin.

07. How To Escape A Wall

They won’t be able to escape by pinning against a wall. You can strike them in the armpits if his arms are raised. You also can use your free hand to strike their chest if one arm is pinned. You can also use the most powerful technique and strike with your head. Squat then forcefully jump to bash into their face.

These incredible tips may be helpful for every woman at any circumstance in life.

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