7 Secrets to Never Tell Anyone About Your Personal Life

Most of us wear our hearts on our sleeves. Because of this even strangers know everything about us. But, we really don’t want it to happen as mystery is the spice of life. You should remember to keep a clear distinction between your personal and professional life even though it is a very difficult skill to master. Be very careful when you open up your secrets to someone as not everyone has good intentions.

Some people can use your personal details to hurt you. So, here is a basic list of certain personal information you should never share with others. You can make your own list, but if you are unable to do it, we can help you. There are also some secrets that you should keep for yourself.

“The secret of having a personal life is not answering too many questions about it.” – Joan Collins

Here are 7 secrets to never tell anyone about your personal life

Past Resentments

We all have many negative stories in our lives about friends or schoolmates in our past. It’s really good if you can forget all the stories and talk less about them in public as negativity is exhausting. Most of the people don’t like to hear negative talks about someone they don’t even know, they prefer talking with positive conversation partners. So, don’t live in the past, just forget it and focus only on present, then you’ll find more people who wants to talk with you.

Material Belongings

There are things that are more important than their cost. When we buy a new car or a brand new phone, we can’t help bragging about them. But, your friends or colleagues don’t want to hear about your stories. Rather than their unique significance, it can make you feel arrogant and overly obsessed with monetary value of things. You can try and talk about modesty as it’s a wonderful accessory.

Goals For The Future

Even though it’s an unbelievable fact, you can achieve your long-term goals if you don’t share them with others. You’ll feel that the enjoyment of achieving the goal has been taken from you when you tell others about your future aspirations and you won’t work hard to achieve it. So, keep them to yourself, as you have a much higher chance of achieving them. When you achieve your goals, tell the whole world about it and enjoy it.

Your Income

Only the people who work in your bank should know your income. It’s not a nice subject to talk in public as we never know what anyone’s financial situation is. Relationships will shift irreparably with the money and the knowledge about finances. When you tell others about your income, they’ll look at you differently without being able to help it. So, keep them only to your bank statements.

Good Deeds

We all know that good deeds attract good karma. So, never be discouraged from doing good. But, if you start bragging about it, it takes on a whole different perspective. When you’ve done a good deed and start brag about them, it is invalidating the good that you’ve already created. Many of the greatest philanthropists in the world remain anonymous for a very good reason. You should keep the attention on the people or the cause that you’re helping when you do a charitable deed, but not on yourself.


Everyone is looking for enlightenment in different places such as to religion, to sports or to mindfulness and meditation. Don’t force anyone to your choice as what’s sure to turn anyone away from your choice of enlightenment is any notion of preaching about how good it is and how nothing else will ever match up. Then you just turn into one of those people who shout on the streets about how their version of religion is the right one.

Family Problems

Keep the problems in the family within the family. And don’t abuse people’s trust. When someone tells you a secret about them, don’t spread the around. They confided in you and if you break that, it’s a very bad thing that you do. Respect for other’s secrets and in return they’ll also treat you the same.

Final Thoughts

We may think that others are interested in our personal life aspects, but that’s not true. There are certain conversations that you should tell in certain environments, but others you should not tell anyone. Don’t be an over-sharer. If you are doing any of the above things, start from now on to be better.

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