7 Pieces of Bad Relationship Advice You Should Never Follow

7 Pieces of Bad Relationship Advice as everyone’s context is different, advice can never be accurate. If you ask two people who are both intelligent about the same situation and their advice will be different.

Most importantly, you should remember that you don’t follow any advice blindly in relationships. When people are the mistake, only you know the whole story, not others, and sometimes they are just vindictive.

Here are 7 kinds of worst advice people give and which you should avoid:

You can find someone better to move on from this person

Sometimes you may be looking for some sort of gains from a relationship, maybe it can be a business partner you are looking for. There will always be people who look better, earn better, so, having this attitude won’t let you hold on to any relationship ever. But remember that they might not love you better than your partner.

Don’t let them boss you around, take control

This is the most outdated piece of crap. Relationships are not based on who is better, but on mutual respect. Every person should take charge of their field of expertise as everyone is better at something. And also remember not to listen to naysayers.

Demand that they show you how much they love you by romantic gestures

A part of the honeymoon phase of any relationship is overtly romantic gestures. Even they will fade too as you grow up through your relationship and reach new milestones.

Don’t increase conflicts further. Keep your quiet

Don’t keep your feelings bottled up inside you as at one point they’ll all bursts out simultaneously. When something is bothering you always communicate with your partner. You won’t be able to sacrifice yourself for the sale of the relationship; you’re just making a ticking time bomb which will go off in the future by not communicating with your partner.

You have every right to go through their personal communications

Respecting their privacy is not an option. The first step towards the total deterioration of the relationship is keeping tabs on their calls and chats and asking them to always be on your radar.

Don’t let him forget that he’s nowhere near earning enough

Don’t bring up this every chance you get especially during a big fight.

See how I handle my relationship

When you see someone is happy, don’t think that you need to follow their example right down as no two people are exactly similar, no two relationships are either. You will surely be causing far more harm than good if you blindly follow what others are doing.

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