6 Ways to Create Good Karma

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. – Wayne Dyer

“What goes around comes around” is the simple meaning of Karma. Whatever the energy you give out, it may be good energy or bad energy, it will come back in full circle. People are not aware that their thoughts are always influenced in their realities. Much of the unrest we see in the world today is a direct result of people’s thoughts. All of the wars, bickering, complaining, and general unhappiness begins with a thought carried out with action.

We can always decrease this negative energy. So that we are able to create a better Karma and from there onwards, all the good things must happen. This is as easy as being a good person. It you become a good person then automatically we have created Good Karma. If you think it is a bit hard to pursue then try to remember the following tips for directing positive Karma into your life.



You must always try to say the truth, no matter what happens later you must say it because anytime you tell a lie, even if it is a small one, you will set yourself up for deceit and hidden agendas from other people. If some other finds that you have been lying and then they will never trust you back as earlier. “Honesty is the best policy” this is an old saying, which says you to tell the truth in any situation, it will allow people to enter into your life because they can trust you. Lying becomes exhausting after a while anyway, so you could even argue that it’s better for your health to tell the truth from the get-go.


You must never think twice whenever you make a decision in your life. You must do it if you really want to do it. You must never be afraid to achieve your goals. You must set clear intentions for what you want. Put your true self and best effort into the world, and then the universe will send someone to match your energy.


Helping others is a very good habit. If you help others then only they will help you out whenever you need. As you know that helping others create a new karma. If you are able to life for others then it is never a waste. So use your unique talents and traits to help others along this crazy rollercoaster of life. These people will always appreciate your help and you will be a person that they will never forget. Remember that whenever you help others you have already helped yourself. Whenever you feel lost or empty, you can always offer your help to others because everyone is here for a purpose and if you can help them then you also become a part of their life.


If you are disturbed, then just go within and quiet your mind and pay attention to the thoughts in your brain, and make sure that they stay positive so you can continue to attract positivity. When your thoughts become frazzled, you’re more prone to bad karma because you haven’t cleared a space in your head and heart for the universal energy to flow through. It’s important to connect with your highest self often and clear your head so you can put your best self forward into the world and exude good energy.


If you want compassion and kindness from others then remember to give it as well. Giving and receiving is the cycle the Life works. So remember the more you give is the more you receive. Everyone may have fights with tough battles on a daily basis, so remember that it is better if you can show kindness to them and empathize with their struggles. The best thing is that if you can help as many people as you can by spreading kindness – the world can never have enough kindness.


While life may seem like a series of uncontrollable, atrocious events on the surface, remember to look beyond the illusions and remind yourself what you’re really here for. What are the things that must be completed? We are all here to heal past karma and become the best versions of ourselves, so keep this in mind each day when you wake up. Will your thoughts and actions today represent someone who wants good or bad things to happen? You can always invite the positive events and people into your life by remembering that you came from a place of pure love and embodying that energy once again.

This world could use a lot more good energy and all the good energy begins with you. You can reflect this energy onto others, and therefore the world will change. Stop feeling so small when you have the whole universe inside of you!

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