6 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Can’t Find Happiness

Intelligent folks seem to be quite advanced. A decent family life, the presence of a loving partner, and an excellent career may not be enough to forestall them from feeling disappointment and melancholy. Here are six reasons why intelligent people cannot find happiness:

They’re the victim of over analysis

Intelligent people tend to over-think and analyze nearly everything and everybody in their life. This could be quite exhausting, resulting in frustrating conclusions. To not even mention the emotions that have an effect on them upon the reflection of vital queries like global affairs and philosophical issues.

They want to match everything with their high standards

Intelligent people are perpetually 100% positive of what they require and something that’s less than their expectations cannot satisfy them nor make them happy. Once the reality doesn’t equal their expectations, they feel defeated. This is applicable to everything, even it is relationships or career.

Intelligent people judge themselves too hard

One among the explanations why intelligent people cannot realize happiness is their tendency to be hard on themselves. Their deep thinking nature analyses their behavior and compares it against their high standards. This can be why they oft blame themselves for tiny or no reason.

Flashbacks into past mistakes are terribly frequent in these kinds of people. As an example, something they have done years ago will haunt them, disturb their mind, and create it tough for them to spend the day cheerfully and be happy.

They aim for bigger things

They have huge goals and imagine larger things. In fact, they’re perpetually trying to find an even bigger purpose or a meaning, which makes it tough for them to get pleasure from the things that they have already got in their life. Ordinary life is unfulfilling and boring for them, in order that they perpetually rummage around for exceptionalism.

No one to appreciate them or have a meaningful conversation

Intelligent people realize it tough to find out an individual who can really perceive them. They’re not into small chat, however rather into important conversation with an individual who understands their views and ideas, whether it’s regarding philosophy, advanced queries, personal life, or global affairs. This can be the reason why most intelligent people feel lonely and misunderstood.

It has been scientifically verified that intelligent folks don’t need to socialize the maximum amount as people with average I.Q., to be happy and consummated. Still, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have the requirement to meet people and have a decent conversation.

Smart people often develop psychological issues

Multiple studies have found a link between extremely intelligent minds and psychiatric disorders like social anxiety and bipolar disorders. We cannot claim that these disorders are a facet result of an intelligent mind although, as this link is kind of mysterious and it’s nonetheless to be disclosed.

Intelligent people continue analyzing and over-thinking, in order that they eventually come back to a point when they begin considering death. Their mind starts to appear for the meaning of their existence, and this saddens them for none reason.

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