6 Reasons Why A Woman Leaves the Man She Loves!

In order to make a strong and true relationship, you need a lot of things. There should be love on the top of a relationship. But, it cannot carry the relationship along.

Here are 6 reasons where a woman leaves the man, even though she loves him:

1. The guy isn’t physically present

If he isn’t with her and watches her triumphs and failures and just be presents, she doesn’t need him at all. She will surely handle her life very well until she meet someone who is really caring about her and be present with her.

02 There’s nothing exciting in him

By wanting comfort he is becoming close to stagnant and predictable. According to men, women can’t decide and can’t help changing their minds. But, it’s not the truth. Men are the one who is lot more boring. She’ll surely move on if he doesn’t want to try things out and doesn’t do anything to break the rut.

03. He doesn’t support her when she needs him the most

In a relationship support is a major thing that should be in. There are situations in life that they are tested. If there’s the support from our loved ones at this moment, it will mean a lot. There’s no point of being with him, if he’s not with her when she’s going a hard situation in her life.

04. He is unable to make her feel valued

Most of the men think that sex is about the release and they want it fast and strong. But, he also needs to think about what she need. Every woman love to feel special they crave intimacy. She doesn’t want to have the same routine day in and day out.

05. He doesn’t pay attention to what she has to say

If he is playing with his phone or doing some other work while she is telling him about her day and her problems, he’s really wrong. She’s looking for a man who is really caring and paying attention to her when she is telling something to him. She really means it.

06. There’s no emotional compatibility

There will be surely problems in any relationship if the guy isn’t emotionally mature to be with her. She doesn’t want to be with someone who is incapable of doing so as a woman would care about her emotional well being.

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