6 Phrases a Toxic Person Often Uses to Lower Your Self-Esteem!

Toxic people are always judgmental, transitional, and manipulative. They don’t care about what they do and they don’t take any responsibility for their own actions. They even don’t apologize if they do wrong. They prefer to make you conserve yourself.They may try to transfer their self-esteem and insecurities onto you. They make words on the purpose of hurting you and they also try to manipulate you.If there’s a toxic person who associates with you, you shouldn’t take anything they utter personally.

6 Things a Toxic Person Usually Says to Lower Your Self-Esteem:

“You’re a loser.”, “You’re stupid.”, “You’re worthless.”

Toxic people tend to have a narcissistic streak. If their passive aggressiveness fails, they will turn to old-fashioned verbal abuse. This occurs when the sense of desperation is out and it reveals their ugly natural disposition.

They use the phrases like, “You’re a loser”, “You’re stupid”, and “You’re worthless” to lower your self-esteem. If someone used these words to you, don’t worry as it has nothing to do with you.

“I do not want to be in a relationship/friendship with somebody that…”

These types of words are used as a threat or an ultimatum. A true friend or a true partner doesn’t utter such nonsense, because they truly care for you. But, the toxic person doesn’t care about your behavior or feelings; they only care about getting some advantage out of you. They also project their own shortcomings onto you.

“You are insecure.”

The toxic person tries to feed you with the anxiety and fear as he is an insecure person. But they are the most insecure people and they want you also to be like them.

“It is your fault.”

It’s probably not your fault at all. But, just for the case, let’s say it’s your fault. This is the point of a toxic person; any type of affront is fair game to use as ammunition.

May be you have been at the same place at same time as an innocent person, but the toxic person uses it as his advantage.

“You do not know what you are talking about.”

Nobody likes to be told that what they said is invalid. Some words like “you do not know what you are talking about”, may give you an intellectual superiority that makes you oppressive. This will also embarrass you and hurt you.

“You are dramatic.”

The toxic person wants you to believe that you are the one who did the fault at the current dilemma. They do things intentionally to hurt you and they don’t have any regret. This might make you reeling, if you are in a delicate state.

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