5 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Using Your Phone In Bed At Night

It’s really good if you can stop using your phone in bed at night

Mobile phones have become a part of our lives and people don’t think twice to take their phones to bed. You may think that it’s the best time to scroll through your social media feed and get a head start on checking your email. You may also think that it offers ultimate convenience by reading your phone before bedtime. Not only that, you may also believe that it helps you get to sleep. But, this perfectly innocent habit may do your health serious harm.

Consider these reasons before you climb into your bed tonight for your evening smartphone fix.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Using Your Phone in Bed at Night

01. You’re Ruining Your Eyes

Cell phones emit a special type of blue light that cause different health risks. This blue light causes the most serious damage among the health issues, is eye damage.

Blue light causes damage to the retinas that can be permanent and lead to macular degeneration according to the American Macular Degeneration Association. This will cause the gradual loss of your central vision until you won’t see the things right in front of you.

Some research also being conducted to identify the connection between smartphone usage and the development of cataracts.

The best way to prevent eye damage is leaving your phone behind at bedtime. By turning down the screen’s brightness and keeping the phone as far away from your eyes as possible can limit some of the damage.

02. You’re Disrupting Your Sleep

You’ll lull into a false sense of sleeping if you read on your phone at night. The blue rays from your phone actually trick your brain to think it is sunlight and disrupts your body’s melatonin production. Melatonin hormone regulates your sleep cycle and improper levels can lead to less restful sleep, night waking and insomnia.

Heart diseases, obesity, and premature aging are some health issue that can be cause by not getting enough sleep. Experts recommend turning off all electronics at least two hours before bedtime to ensure that blue light is not disrupting our circadian rhythms. This may not be possible for everyone; they can use orange glasses at night that help block the disruptive blue light.

03. You’re Putting Yourself at Risk of Depression

The disrupted sleep can go far beyond just physical health problems. You may also cause depression when blue light disrupts your hormones and sleep patterns.

You may feel as though it’s just not worth getting out of bed as low energy levels during the day, combined with foggy thinking because of sleep deprivation. Your body will experience a neurotoxin buildup that can have long-term effects on your mood and ability to get a good night’s rest because of the chronic sleep disruptions.

04. You’re Increasing Your Cancer Risk

According to The World Health Association in 2011, the cell phones could be carcinogenic to humans since they emit electromagnetic radiation that has been linked to certain types of cancer. The cancer risk of cell phones is still being studied and prolonged exposure to blue light and its effect on the sleep cycle has been shown to increase the risk of breast and prostrate cancer.

When you hold your cell phone close to your body, the risk of exposure to cell phone radiation also increases. When you keep your phone next to your head while sleeping, you’re placing yourself at a risk of brain cancer.

05. You’re Destroying Your Memory

Cell phones may help you become smarter. But, when you use them incorrectly, they cal also ruin your memory.  It will make your brain impossible to repair connections that were damaged during the day and form new ones with night phone usage and disrupted sleep.

If you want a maximum rest from your sleep, it’s really important to keep your phone away from your bedroom.

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