30 Before And After Editing Pictures Reveal That Photography Is A Big Beautiful Lie

Timing matters to everything. We see lots of photos from time to time that are really awesome and takes our mind away.

Here are 30 pictures before and after editing that show photography is a beautiful lie

  1. Mini car models have been used to create realistic historical visuals.

  1. This is not a great lie, but I believe it is one of those creative reflection visuals cleverly made.

  1. Well, I hope now it is clear how they film most of the underwater visuals.

  1. Once again, we’re being fooled by a big lie of miniature photography.

  1. Adorable and cute photography, which goes on to exhibit innocence and simplicity.

  1. Behind every beautiful woman, a crazy guy is doing the splashing around.

  1. Now whether this is photoshopped or not, it’s still a great lie as per the visuals.

  1. A little water is what matters to make the perfect reflection photography.

  1. It isn’t a big lie, as the girl, the water, and the divers are real. It is all about talent.

  1. This photography goes on to show the power of editing.

  1. Well, it’s safer to create a storm than to chase one.

  1. This was the only way to splash these roses and get the right visuals after many retakes.

  1. It is a real room, with the girl floating.

  1. City lights transformed into little hearts blinking.

  1. Love the creativeness of this picture and the way the photographer amazingly worked out all the stages.

  1. It’s a lie: a couple of tube lights to create fake visuals of the northern lights of Iceland.

  1. The visuals are double photoshopped as nobody can get so close to hot burning lava.

  1. Visuals showing milk in cereal commercials are glue, sprayed all over.

  1. A clever idea of a shattered glass lake.

  1. The true lie here is that not everybody’s knees are that beautiful!

  1. The snow came from a snow machine, while the snowflakes and the soap bubbles were blown by a fan.

  1. Babies can’t bounce that high on their own, so apparently, it’s a lie.

  1. No need to hire another arm, it’s basically, an arm selfie.

  1. You need a crazy photographer to give you this type of memorable wedding visuals.

  1. That’s in no way a fake, just the dog giving a ferocious look.

  1. Just trick photography which anybody can create with the background.

  1. Now, we know where all that perfume comes from, filth.

  1. Raindrops don’t always keep falling under your umbrella.

  1. An underwater photoshoot, which is fantastic.

  1. They just had to cut out the end of the dress.

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