3-Year-Old Russian Drummer Leads Orchestra of Adult Musicians

It was a really amazing moment when 3-year-old Russian drummer leads an orchestra of adult musicians through Offenbach’s Can-Can.

With this 3-year-old Russian boy’s incredible drumming talent, he takes the internet by storm.

This born talented boy is Lyonya Shilovsky from Novosibirsk. He made his way in the earlier of this year from the Russian Talent Show Minute of Fame. But, the video below is similar to a storm on the internet.

In this following video, this boy leading an orchestra of adult musicians through a rousing section of Jacques Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld, basically named as the Can- Can.

He stunningly memorizes all the crescendos, diminuendos and accompanying rhythms without any paper in front.

He also brings everything to an end with a mighty drum roll as cherry on the top.

Without stopping there, like a real champ, he goes on to the stage for a solo encore in order to satisfy his fans.

All the adult musicians were shocked at him as he bashes the drums in a trance-like state.

At the end of his solo drum session, he stands up to receive a bouquet of flowers and take a well-earned bow.

The New State Concert Hall of Arnold Katz in Novosibirsk was also amazed with the little boy’s incredible performance.

Thousands of people have praises Lyonya’s impressive musical talent, deeming it ‘astonishing.’

‘Ha! So cute! Love the look at the end! He wanted to play all night!’ said a fan and it made so much sense.

Thanks to Trends TV for this incredible video:

the source used: dailypositiveinfo.com

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