24 Facts About Left-Handed People That You Didn’t Know

There are so much of left-handed people all around the world. But, the medical experts cannot still specify the reason why people become left-handed. But, a research has proven that there’s a complex link between our genes and environment.

The experts couldn’t discover any set of “lefty-genes.” But, they found that in a family of a left-handed person, the number of left –handed members is high.

They also have found that there’s a difference in the writings in the brain of left-handed and right-handed people. Lefties are more independent as they spend their entire life adapting to the right-handed world.

Here are 24 facts about left-handers that you were probably unaware of:

  1. There are 5-10% left-handed people of the world population.
  2. The word ‘left’ derives from the Anglo-Saxon era from the word ‘lyft’, and this means weak or broken.
  3. They use the right part of their brain.
  4. Left-handed people are talented in sports such as tennis, baseball, and boxing and swimming.
  5. Out of the most famous tennis players, 40% are left-handed.
  6. When comparing with right-handed individuals, left-handed are better in seeing clearly underwater.
  7. Left-handed people are 3% higher addicted to alcohol than right-handed people.
  8. It has been scientifically proven that left-handed college graduates become richer by 26% than the others.
  9. They reach puberty five months later than right-handers, so they called as late-bloomers.
  10. Certain animals can be also left-pawed.
  11. Four out of seven states are left-handed in the US
  12. Some of the longest words such as sweater, dresses and tesserae decades can be written with the left hand.
  13. In the past, left-handed has been linked with criminal, homosexuality, and neurosis. But lately, it has been also linked with musicality and creativity.
  14. When comparing with right-handers, left-handers are more prone to insomnia.
  15. There are more than 30 million left-handers in the US currently.
  16. According to the statistics, women who give birth in their 40s are 128% higher chance of giving birth to left-handed children.
  17. 13th of August is the International Left-Handers Day.
  18. Left-handers experience emotions differently than right-handers as they have the ability to process information more rapidly.
  19. They also have a great ability in mathematics, spatial awareness and architecture.
  20. When a left-handed individual injures their dominant hand, they learn to use the right hand very fast says the medical experts. But, this is much difficult for right-handers.
  21. When comparing with the right-handers, the left-handers are more prone to allergies and asthma.
  22. Left-handedness is a characteristic which runs in the family. For instance, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mother, and Prince Charles are left-handed.
  23. One out of the four Apollo astronauts was left-handed.
  24. One of the most notorious killers in human history was left-handers. For instance, Jack the Ripper, Osama bin Laden, and Boston Stranglers were all left-handed.
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