23 Photos Show What Young People Looked Like 100 Years Ago.

According to what people say fashion changes all the time and that is right. If someone came before you with a sailor’s dress, you would find that he is out of fashion. But it was a fashion 100 years ago. By being the rebel as they are, young people have been ultra-cool with their fashion.

Here’s how young people dressed 100 years ago:

  1. Algeria

They used to wear the traditional headdress and drapery all around their body.

  1. Germany

Men wore the traditional sailor shirt and women wore the white dress. But now, this dress is suitable only for costume parties.

  1. China and Nepal

They had to carry so much jewellery on them and that may have made life so cumbersome. Perhaps, it was their culture so we shouldn’t judge. Chinese teenagers wore normal school sweaters and long skirts.

  1. England

These lads and ladies were comfortable and free. They haven’t really changed much of their fashion statement. The color of the photos takes us back in time.

  1. Ireland and Scotland

Scots having their fun times in airy dresses while Ireland holds strong to their tradition and has selected a very special and an antique dress code for her children.

  1. Albania and Romania

These teenagers have loose and comfy clothes as they were staying true to the traditional gipsy tradition. The child standing on the left in the photo turned out to be the famous Mother Teresa later on in life.

  1. Japan

These children were chosen to be geishas when they grow up. And some of them wore the traditional kimono. School children wore the famous ‘sailor’ uniform.

  1. Mexico and Argentina

The boys of Mexico were great with the traditional worker’s look. The girl who is with a big headdress and traditional dress was determined to rule the world one day. She is Frida Kahlo.

  1. Spain

Spaniards make themselves look sharp as ever as they look like they have a nice amount of maturity already. Just imagine how old they are. You won’t be able to identify their age.

10 Estonia and Poland

These Estonian girls are smoking as they think it is cool. Poland girls wore plainer fashion.

11 Cyprus and Greece

The man was keeping with his fashion with soldier-like discipline. In Cyprus, they wore the traditional school uniform which is representing unity.

12 Hungary

They wore similar white dress and it shows the love they have for each other. The teenage boy looks handsome in that tuxedo. But now, the hat seems to have gone out of fashion with the suit.

13 Luxembourg and Austria

The sailor dress strikes back as it were a fashion statement in Europe.

14 India

The Indian girl has a wild look that is really powerful. The teenage boy looks quite scholarly, and this dress is a unusual fashion choice.

15 New Zealand and Australia

The Aussies people were free and look great. The women look happy and seem like they are going to watch a cricket match. The New Zealander carrying her tradition along with her just like someone brought out from New Zealand.

16 USA

The picture of Walt Disney represents the artist well. It seems like he is ready for some revolution with the beret and the tuxedo. The Native Americans held their own fashion. But they felt like strangers on their own land.

17 Belgium

Belgian men like to look with their tuxedo and bow is called as Cutting edge. The women don’t go behind with an early form of LBD covering them up.

18 Netherlands

The people of the Netherlands look like they live in farms and are closer to earth than most of us as they wore the beret cap and women wore traditional black dress.

19 Finland and Sweden

The Swedes have the best of both worlds, beautiful and elegant. The beautiful gown and the powerful sailor dress are for women.

20 Russia

Russians love fashion. Russian beautiful girls wore dresses and the complete sailor dress and the sailor’s cap for the boys.

21 France

The French people are in top when it came to fashion. The French girl is greeting us with her instrument with a beautiful white dress. The man who had a fashionable mind became the founder of Lacoste.

22 Philippines

Filipinos were traditional and have also gone through some urbanization to bring in a bit of the European fusion gown.

23 Italy

The Italians keep looking like descendants of the famous Romans by representing their imperial and agrarian past.

Fashion has changed with the time. There is lot of similarities all over the world due to globalization. So, we need to look back at the past and relish the thought that we have come so far.

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