23 People Share Their Funniest “Quarantine Travel” Pics

The quarantine won’t be lifted anytime soon. It will probably take months to travel like before. The quarantine cannot stop some travel-hungry people. They have come up with creative ways of traveling from their homes.

Lithuanian journalist Liudas Dapkus and his colleague Gabrielė Štaraitė came up with a funny “quarantine travel” challenge. They have encouraged people to recreate their travel photos using the things at their homes.  Here are the outcomes of that challenge.

On the left, you can see Liudas holding a koala in Queensland back in 2018. On the right, you can see him holding his cat, Česlovas


Liudas said that the quarantine messed up his 2020 travel plans and he even had to cancel his family trip to Turkey in an interview with Bored Panda. “I’m not sure if we’ll be going to Portugal for Midsummer’s Day where they have a peculiar tradition to celebrate the day by hitting people on the head with inflatable hammers in the streets. Our trips to Canada, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama won’t happen, either. We also planned to visit Mauritius and Reunion Island in November. Other than that, not much else has changed.”



Liudas is also trying to keep himself occupied during the quarantine like all of us. He’s giving out interviews, going on TV shows and is even currently working on a new project which he says will be “important for Lithuania after this entire story is over and done with.” He also tries to release a new book this year which the plot has been already figured out and he even has time to put words on paper.



Liudas who is an avid traveler has visited over 70 countries around the world. He has published a book about his adventures titled Žuvis, kuri supainiojo duris (The Fish That Fooled The Door) earlier this year.

Liudas said, “When we go on a trip, we’re determined to suffer so that we can become enlightened. We wander about to find some sort of meaning in our daily lives.”



















sources used – demilked.com

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