It took 5 years to create these images with custom clothes knitted by Nina Dodd, who is an amazing knitter.

One day she showed me a sweater based on the seat covers of Brighton buses, so I thought of starting this project. As it was not good to miss this opportunity, we found an eye-catching model to support our project.

The outcome was very successful and I came up with more ideas for camouflaged jumpers. Here’s where the series developed.

  1. Tom And Dre, 2019

It took days or weeks to research and plan this project and Nina took weeks and sometimes months to knit each one. I have generally begun with an idea: ‘Could I photograph someone blending into a cliff edge?’ Then I go looking for the perfect location.

  1. Mady And Monette Malroux, 2015

The locations should be eye-catching and at the same time, they should be simple enough to knit. These places should also not be the places that change immediately, as knitting takes few weeks.

  1. Jimmy, 2014

One day, I photographed someone standing where I would like the model to be in the final picture. Nina can easily plan how to knit as I draw over this scouting photograph and annotate the picture with different colors and patterns. Often there are 10 or 12 different shades of yarn in a single picture and up to 24 balls of wool at any one time for the more complicated designs. The project has now been published in book form by Hoxton Mini Press after 5 years and over a thousand hours of knitting.

  1. Rumi And Scarlet, 2019

  1. Venus, 2015

  1. Monsieur Chat, 2017

  1. Calum, 2017

  1. Lo, Beachy Head, 2018

  1. Malik, 2016

  • Chris, 2019

  • Fruit Fraud, 2019

  • Fimber Bravo, 2018

  • Cherry Blossom

  • Knitting Track

  • Black Phoenix, 2019

  • Kate, 2019

  • Nina, 2018

  • Stilts

  • Buddy And Taboushka, 2018

  • Fatboy Slim, 2018

  • This Side Up

  • Knit Teapot


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