22 Celebrities Without Any Makeup Who Are Hard To Recognize

Possibly you have ever wanted to have the life of a famous person because of the luxuries, the money, the trips, the eccentricities, the parties, the glamour, for how they look and for everything that surrounds them, but have you ever wondered in the pressure that women have when having to look spectacular every day because at the end of the day what sells the most is the image?

At least we mortals go unnoticed with our imperfections or on those days when we have no interest in dressing and looking good, on the other hand, the celebrities who are constantly in the eye of the hurricane must look impeccable , because when they don’t, public opinion can become quite cruel.

And precisely because of how accustomed we are to seeing them beautiful and radiant, well made up and dressed and with sensational hair, it is that recognizing them when they do not look like that seems like a very difficult task .

There are those who say that makeup works miracles and here I could apply that phrase a bit.

Check out what these 22 celebs look like without a drop of makeup , some looking like a totally different person:

1.It’s hard to believe that this is the gorgeous Mila Kunis.

2.The bad and the good but finally Rihanna.

3.me Amanda Seyfried still looks very beautiful in her natural state, even much younger.

4.Possibly Hilary Duff was going through a bad time.

5.Jennifer Lawrence looks like she’s not out of puberty yet.

6.There is no doubt that no one is safe from acne, not even Miley Cyrus.

7.Adele looks a little more cute and innocent naturally.

8.I think it’s hard to believe what Tyra Banks looks like without a drop of makeup.

9.Jennifer Lopez does not seem to care much about “what they will say” because she constantly shares photos in which she appears without a single drop of makeup.

10.And this is when we realize that Fergie does not have the formula for eternal youth.

11.It seems that it is characteristic of the Kardashians to look unrecognizable, as well as Khloe.

12.Sharon Stone seems unfortunate enough to be aging gracefully.

13.Katy Perry’s is indeed a radical change.

14.It seems that makeup makes Madonna look much younger and more radiant.

15.Although she is not a celebrity who usually wears a lot of makeup, we must admit that without a little color on her cheeks and mascara on her lashes, Kristen Dunst looks quite different.

16.Drew Barrymore looks a bit older than natural, don’t you think?

17.I think Ashley Tisdale doesn’t look that different.

18.Where is glamorous Kim?

19.With and without makeup, Sofia Vergara looks radiant.

20.Lady Gaga is that you?

21.Penelope Cruz looks more like a mere mortal.

22.Perhaps the excesses are killing Kate Moss.

At the end of the day, they have the right to choose when to look like a diva or like a mere mortal, don’t you think? But due to the stereotypes that have been around for a long time, we feel entitled to say that only when we have 3 kilos of makeup is that we can look like a true movie star.

In the end, perfection has more science fiction than reality.

What is valuable is feeling good about ourselves, valuing and loving ourselves as we are, because what is important in a person is invisible to the eye, don’t you think?

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