20+ Shocking Photos That Didn’t Require Photoshop To Take Our Breath Away

Sometimes when we see a fantastic photograph on the internet we don’t even know what to think because lately they all go through retouching in Photoshop, however, the reality is that not everything is manipulated, there are those who are lucky and are at the right time to capture a work of art.

We cannot stop giving credit to nature, it always surprises us and does wonders with everything it has, giving us a spectacular view.

Next we will show you a gallery that will leave you speechless, authentic and unique photographs that show the splendor and how wonderful nature is, also how generous it is to grant us such fabulous views. See them for yourself, they will leave you speechless:

1.Forest changing its green to autumn.

2.The iceberg and its shadow dividing the world into 4 perfect quadrants.

3.Amazing tree – Bulgaria

4.Coast of Great Britain, with a perfect symmetry that makes it look great.

5.Frozen fence, an amazing ice sculpture!

6.The Netherlands with a majestic highway.

7.Madrid, Spain- Wall of the Cathedral of Justo, built by Justo Gallegos Martínez with processed materials and waste.

8.Incredible Bridge, Slovenia

9.Sunrise in Iceland

10.It looks like you are smoking but it is only your exhalation that produces the vapor.

11.The temple was left like this after a volcanic eruption in Ontake, Japan.

12.Experiment in Antarctica: throw hot water and get this fabulous result.

13.Sausalito, California, USA gets cloudy at dusk and looks truly magical.

14.New York, USA, seems like two totally different worlds and they are, but in the same place.

15.A sunset in Japan, and no, it’s not edited with Photoshop

16.He is 1.21 meters tall and weighs 22 kg, his name is Darius and he holds the title of the largest rabbit in the world.

17.The Yangtze River in China passing through the legendary Three Gorges Dam

18.This is what the inside of a soap bubble looks like.

19.La majestuosa Tianzi Mountain en China.

20.Madrid, Spain with an imposing moon.

21.Kim Il-sung, founder of North Korea, is honored with an organized ceremony for his birth

22.Bottom up Times Square, New York, USA

23.Perfect moment

24.House in the middle of a fertile ground to sow everything you want

25.Work of George Rousse, an artist who usually does colorful work in places that are about to be demolished.

26.A climber has managed to climb to the top of a beautiful mountain in Iceland.

27.The Moon kissing the sea during a total eclipse.

What did you think of this work of art? What was your favorite? You too can get wonders, you only need a lens and a stroke of luck to get a beautiful capture. If you have any, share it with us in the comments and write the place where it belongs.

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