20 Of the Most Powerful Secrets to Meaningful Relationships

If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy. If she’s easy she won’t be amazing. If she’s worth it, you won’t give up. If you give up, you’re not worthy.  […] Truth is everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.” – Bob Marley

Vernon Howard’s booked called Mystic Path to Cosmic Power deals with spiritual and psychological truths in simple terms. The following secrets to meaningful relationships are an excerpt from the very same book.


The one who has self-insight in a relationship is the one who always gets the price. He will always be calmer, more confident and also will be more grounded and more at ease with their partner.

Avoid manipulation

Don’t let your partner manipulate you. Never let your partner’s behavior dictate your feelings about yourself

Intentions matter more than actions

Never trust a person quickly. Don’t even judge them according to their words or actions because they might do something while they have some other plans to execute later. Try to understand their innermost intentions. The reasons behind the actions and speech must be understood as soon as possible.

A sense of individuality

If your partner wants you to change for him. I think it’s very selfish because there is a nature a person is used to and there are some habits they are used to. It is not bad to change for someone, but without giving up on your personhood or dignity.

Feeling a sense of oneness with all other people

Whenever you think about others you always want to happen the same way to yourself too. Anyways, we are all same in nature. Such as, you can’t make others happy without making yourself feel the same way.

Free yourself from unnecessary desire

When you are out of unnecessary desire you won’t feel bad for anything. If you have desires then always your expectations are high, but if you are free from unnecessary desires you can’t ever be deceived.

Avoid constant resistance from things

It’s good to balance yourself. If you get angry always it will disturb your own peace of mind. You do not have to maintain an angry guard constantly.


It’s good to understand yourself first. Then it will help you to understand others as well.

A complete experience of human relationships

Take time to understand people. Then it will make it easier for you to see a thing in a clear manner.

Know what love means

Love is a crucial thing in all of our lives. We must first understand what love is. If you understand the real meaning of love it wouldn’t hurt you to see your love gone unseen or rejected.

Learn how to deal with heartaches

You must learn to deal with heartaches rather than getting sad about losing a friend. Try to deal with them and overcome it before finding a replacement.

Avoid seeking for social validation

You don’t have to be a popular person in social media. It’s totally okay with being a ‘nobody ‘in the social world. You must have your own lifestyle. You should never try to change yourself to get the validation in the social market.

Value the pleasant and the unpleasant both

You can always get the real picture of a person by combing the complete experiences of the pleasant and unpleasant things in your life.

Know what harms you

You must aware be aware of whatever hurts you. Don’t wait till someone’s points it out for you.

Recognize the virtue in others

We can’t always identify the virtues other people have. You must know the virtues of others even if you do not have them.

Desire is not the same as love

When you want more and more there will never be an end to anything else. Desire makes you crave for more, but remember love is at peace with itself. It is always contained and satisfied.

Encourage positivity within yourself

You must always try to encourage yourself. Try to take out all the positives you have within yourself.


You must never be scared of others or how the way they judge you. Always be who you are you don’t have to change it for anyone else.

Be the real you

You don’t have to be a lovable person to everyone. Be you, that’s the important thing. You don’t have to fit anyone else’s likes or dislikes.  Be a real person. Be yourself.

Transform your inner life into one of goodness

Transforming your inner self into a good and genuine human being is the best gift you may ever be able to give anyone. You must work on your strengths and weaknesses and make yourself worthy of the love and appreciation. This is a reflection of the greatest love for people.

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