There are countless studies about love and it still remains one of the most mysterious topics in the history of humanity. Love is all about complex emotions and in the presence of true soul mate that makes even the strongest ones so helpless. In classical and contemporary settings, artists have expressed love in many forms such as heartache, romance, desire, and sex.

A Greek artist, Anna Koutsidou has some works which are deeply influenced by love and they depict intimate couples and show the deep love they share.

The delicacy of love is one of the main themes of her artwork in a way that you may think is only possible in a fairy-tale. Her romantic drawings also illustrate some of the purest and most potent emotions which bind two individuals together consummated in their love; it doesn’t get more romantic than that.

  1. The sweet summer kiss

  1. Love without trust is just a word

  1. Forever my lady

  1. Let’s grow old together

  1. That sweet morning kiss

  1. I fall in love with your smile all the time

  1. Falling in love with the heart and closed eyes

  1. Let’s dance to the moon love

  1. I am all yours love

  1. Feel your body against mine baby

  1. The morning allure

  1. I want to die in your arms tonight

  1. I stayed here so you won’t miss anything

  1. You’ll always be mine

  1. It’s only you and I until the end

  1. Don’t break my heart

  1. Don’t love me if you’re not here

  1. Dreaming while awake

  1. I can feel music flowing through my veins

  1. Trust is so delicate